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Know it by Heart

Here is another question for you and again it’s one I’ve often asked myself:

If I’d choose to go blind, I’d never be able to see my nieces and nephews grow up. I’d lose the ability to enjoy the wonders of nature by sight, such as everything coming back to life in Spring or right now, in my favourite season, watching the leaves turn colours and the world getting ready for Winter. Never again drive a car or enjoy a lovely painting, theatre show or movie. And the worst: never again read a book!

On the other hand, if I’d lose my hearing, I’d never be able to listen to my favourite music any more or hear the sweet sounds of the Earth. I’d never hear someone call me beautiful and I’d probably wake up late every morning by lack of hearing my alarm go off. I’d lose the gift of hearing people speak in different languages and tongues, something that has always fascinated me, nor would I ever hear the sounds or colours from their voices.

Then again, I’d also cease to hear all the crap people talk about each other (or me), all the gossip or the senseless dragging on about topics that don’t interest me.

Where, if I’d go blind, I’d never see the ugly sides of life again…

It’s a tough call, but if I had to choose, I think I would choose to go blind. Of course, I hope I’ll be able to keep these abilities until the very end, because I was blessed to be born with both and can’t imagine not being able to hear or see. But I honestly don’t think I could live without music. I just can’t.

I could get audio books and still follow my favourite TV shows by ear. I’d smell the changes in nature instead of watching them and I never really liked driving anyway, so I would take it as a good reason to finally get myself a chauffeur.

I’m still not 100% convinced of my choice, though…




What would you choose: going blind or going deaf? And why?

13 thoughts on “Know it by Heart”

  1. what a profound thing to consider — as much as I looooooove seeing — ugh! hate to contemplate — perhaps easier to lose vision. the reason I say this is after seeing how a family member struggles with hearing loss. hearing aids can be extremely limiting (they’re not as advanced as I’d assumed) & the combination of wrongly guessing, of assuming in error, and of feeling bashful about asking can make folks hesitant to approach one & to engage in deep conversations…

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    1. I guess both have their downsides. Well, obviously – duh to that statement. But I’m not sure which negatives are “better” or easier to live with.

      I give up trying to find an answer and just hope none of us will have to find out the hard way!

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  2. That is a tough question. I know people who are blind and I know people who are deaf, and both groups cope. Some are pleasant people and some are bitter people, as with any other group with only one common factor.
    If I were blind I would have to rely on audio books instead of reading at my own speed. But if I was deaf I would miss hearing music. I think I remember music and appreciate the memory more but enjoy reading new books more. And I am more annoyed by sounds the neighbors make than by the things I see on their property,.So weighing gains and losses, I would choose to be deaf. J.

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    1. This is food for thoughts. I mean, I always thought being able to see and hear was indeed a blessing, but maybe it does depend on our own perceptions.

      Even so… if I had to give up one thing I am still not sure which one. I went out for a run today, but then I thought if I were blind I’d have to give up doing that. And I was listening to some very good songs while running and if I were to go deaf I’d miss those… I just can’t choose. I hope I’ll lose neither and if I will, I trust the Universe to make that decision for me.


  3. Tough question, but I think I would rather be deaf. I can always heart the music in my head and in my heart, but there are so many beautiful and wonderful things that can only be appreciated through sight.

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  4. Gosh. This is a real tough choice. I don’t know what I’d do without either. But somehow, going blind sounds more terrifying than losing the ability to hear.

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    1. I keep going back and forth, honestly. I can’t imagine never hearing my favourite music any more, but I also think going dead might be easier to deal with than going blind. Easier as in more practical, so to speak.

      I just really can’t choose… Maybe it would be the same asking a blind and deaf person if they’d rather be able to see or hear.

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