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Share it Saturday

Yes! It’s that time of the, err, blog again: Share it Saturday! Today you can share anything you want to on Heart to Follow. Simply leave a link and a short description in the comments below. The only rule is that you share something positive!

So, if you have anything you want others to know about, something you want to show off with, someone you want to thank or something you are proud of: let us know! Help grow a positive community by sharing your own stories and checking out those of others 🙂

My share for today is my first ever, self-made sweater! I used up over six balls of yarn for this oversized jumper, but I am very proud of myself for how it turned out. I am actually wearing it right now, typing up this post, and even if the sleeves are a bit long, this sweater is super warm and comfy!

Winter, you better get your best work on, because I am ready for you 😉

It took me a few months to get this done




What do you want to share with us today?

6 thoughts on “Share it Saturday”

    1. Actually… it wasn’t the worst thing I ever knitted. I used large pens and very nice wool. It was secretly a pleasure to work on it and watch it grow 🙂


  1. That is a lovely sweater!
    A week from today I’ll be offering my books for sale at a craft show. The craft show is at a Lutheran church, so I’m sure the books I’ve written will have an interested audience. J.

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