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Know it by Heart

This week’s question stems from me repeatedly saying to a friend: “If only we’d been given a magic wand to use once to make someone better, I’d have used it on you.”

It got me questioning: would I really have used it on her? If we’d ALL been given a wand like that, surely I’d have used it up before I even met her? Or wouldn’t I?

Here’s this week’s Know It By Heart:

Fact is: that friend I mentioned was my illegal sister C.. She was really sick and eventually died from her illness. And if I had had a magic wand, indeed I would have used it on her, no questions asked.

Then again, if every living person on this planet would have been given a magic wand like that, I am certain I would have used mine to cure my mother’s cancer the second she got diagnosed, beating my father to it.

Unfortunately, there are no magic wands to help cure the ones we love. But if there were and you’d been given one, who would have used it on? Or on who would you use it today?




On who would you (have) use(d) your magic healing wand?

9 thoughts on “Know it by Heart”

  1. Hi, #BryntinsBLT came by your blog today.
    (Unfortunately the BLT bit stands for Blog Leap Tour, not that I am about to bring you a tasty sandwich.)
    I’ll be leaving a link to this post on a #BryntinsBLT post on my blog later today and will now be leaping off to visit someone who has already liked your post before I got here.
    The idea is just to randomly jump around and see where I go in the world and I hope the (sparse but growing) readers of my blog, seeing me discover yours, might leap around the links too.
    (If you have pingbacks turned on you can see where else the tour ended up!)
    Anyway, sorry to interrupt. Carry on.


    1. You ended up in my spam folder and I only checked my blog by cell phone and if I do that it won’t let me un-spam anything. So sorry for the delay.
      Thank you for the kind link back to my post! I actually did get a ping notification about that.
      I hope your blog will grow big and exciting and I’ll be sure to check you out!

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  2. We all have a magic wand, it is just that we can only use it on ourselves. It is called exercise, and its two companions are healthy eating and a health lifestyle. Unfortunately, so many choose not to use it. And of course there are exceptions, but they are just that–exceptions, both fortunate and unfortunate.

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    1. Yea, but you can live your whole life following the healthy choices and still end up with cancer. Of course, if you live well you decrease the risks of becoming seriously ill. But every so often I really do wish I had a magic wand to make someone better.

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      1. I took that into account with my comment about exceptions, but as I said; exceptions are just that. Some do everything right and get sick. Some do everything wrong and have a long life. Both are the exceptions.

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