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Share it Saturday

Share it Saturday is back! 😀 Today, like all the previous sharing Saturdays, you can share anything you want on this blog, as long as it is something positive! Simply leave a comment with a link to whatever you want the World to know, and that’s it!

I can’t guarantee the whole World will indeed see it, but there’s a fair share of followers of Heart to Follow who might. And even if they don’t, I will 😉

As for me, here’s to my grandfather, the one I unfortunately never knew in life, but to whom I feel a strong connection nevertheless.

Turns out we have more in common that I thought!

Sanquin is the Dutch Blood Bank. And as history will have it, both me and my mother’s father were proud blood donors. The image above portrays both our donation cards.

They’ve changed a lot in looks over 60 years, haven’t they? 😉

What about you? What have you done, written, created that makes you proud? What do you want more people to get involved in? If nothing “special”, you can always leave a link to your blog and see where it takes you!

Or rather, where it takes your potential future readers 😉




What do you want to share with us today?

14 thoughts on “Share it Saturday”

    1. I can imagine that must have been special if you two have been friends for a long time. And I bet you did it with a lot of respect and a healthy dose of fun 🙂


    1. I see not all of my replies were actually published… I swear I wasn’t made for technology!
      When writing my bachelor thesis, my supervisor told me that I should never put “Next time, research should focus more on…” if I could actually implement that myself in my research. Some things shouldn’t be put off. And thinking of “next time” shouldn’t be taken for granted.

      Although, I have to admit I do it, too, sometimes. Out of habit.


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