Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

I am so happy that there are countless heart warming moments out there. Picking one feels both like a challenge and a blessing.

Here’s what I declare the Heart Warmer of this week:

Seven-year-old Jase recently wrote a letter to his daddy in heaven, who unfortunately died four years ago. He gave his letter to a mail-man, Sean, and this man deserves a gold medal!

Sean decided to write Jase a letter back. And before you even think it: no, not a supposed letter from the dead father… That would be tasteless. Instead, the mail-man sent Jase an official notification of delivery!

As it turns out, Jase and his sister Nieve send their deceased father a letter every year, yet Jase was wondering if they ever actually made it to heaven. Sean took the opportunity and the time to write Jase an official letter back, explaining the challenge they faced by having to avoid “stars and other galactic objects” in order to get the letter delivered.

Below is Jase’s letter:

Jase and Nieve’s mother, Teri, was deeply touched and grateful by this kind gesture.

If only we all had a mail-man like Sean ❤

Or a direct link to heaven 🙂




If you’d like to read more about Sean, Jase and the letters, please go here.

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