Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

Luckily, there are good people everywhere, doing good deeds every day.

When a seemingly homeless man asked for a meal in a fancy restaurant in Brazil, for which he was determined to pay with a $50 note he had honestly earned, the owners wanted to give him the meal for free.

However, the man insisted he wanted to pay for what he had eaten; even if he didn’t have enough money, he refused to leave without paying for his food.

Eventually, the owners and the waiter that had served the homeless man came up with a “special offer” they were apparently – but not really – running that day: all meals for $10 only!

They had to tell this lie to the homeless man to make him accept the $40 change. In the end, the owners declared they simply wanted to help out a hard-working man who could use a little kindness.

Below is a snapshot one of the other visitors of the restaurant took of the homeless man and his waiter:

Whether the man was truly homeless or not remains unsolved. But I think this is a genuine act of kindness and it deserves the title of Heart Warmer.




If you want to read more about this kind story, please go here

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