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Know it by Heart

“If only…” Does that sound familiar? I think we’ve all had doubts or regrets about at least one thing in our past, wishing we had acted differently. I know I have! And more than once…

Therefore, my question to you all is:

I regret plenty of things, like not paying more attention to school work, Latin especially, or not going out with this guy or that one. I could say hating myself and putting myself down is something I wish I could change. But even so, all that hardship turned me into the person I am today and I actually quite like how I turned out! If I’d go back and change the things that helped form me, who knows what I’d end up like!

What I regret most in my life is not appreciating my grandparents more, and enjoying the time we had together. I would give everything I own to just get one more minute with either of them, so I can tell them how much I love them and how much they truly mean to me. And how much I regret that, as a child, I sometimes wish I didn’t have to tag along on those weekly visits my sisters and my dad paid them. I really, really, really wish I could have just one more Sunday morning with them. I would hug them, something I’d never dared because I was always a bit scared of old people, of their fragility. And kiss them. And just love them like I would if they were still here today.

Everything else in my life, I can live with. I can rationalise my regrets and see my personal progress reflected in all the tears I’ve shed. But not appreciating my only two grandparents more when they were alive, instead taking them for granted, is the one thing I would change if I had the chance.

They may not be here with me today, but true love never dies. I know they know. But if only…




What is the one thing you would change in your past if you could travel back in time?

8 thoughts on “Know it by Heart”

    1. That’s my fear, too. Although appreciating my grandparents back then could hardly cause more problems in the here and now, I think… Still, we experience what we experience for a reason.


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