Heart to Post

Know it by Heart

What with all these holidays and all, the emphasis heavily put on helping each other out, buying each other gifts and overall peace on Earth, it got me thinking:

What is the best present you’ve ever given someone? Store-bought, self-made or simply a gesture, what’s the most special thing you’ve ever done for anyone?

I am not 100% sure of this being the best present, but it sure was the most personal one:

When I first heard my unborn niece I. was not going to be a healthy baby, I decided to put all my sadness into creating something wonderful for her. So I gathered my favourite colour of wool and started knitting a baby towel. Nothing too fancy (the Universe knows I cannot knit that well), but I tried.

And for a while, it helped to pour my sadness into making something beautiful.

Then I. passed away even before taking her first breath and my knitting fell silent for a few months. I just didn’t feel like it, and can you blame me?

Suddenly, a good friend of mine told me she was going to be a grandmother again, albeit due to a deceitful daughter-in-law. Again, something wonderful was formed out of misery.

I saw an opportunity and picked my knitting needles back up. Eventually I finished what I like to call my Masterpiece of Knitting (seriously, this was tough labour!) and wrapped it up for my friend. She received the baby blanket shortly before becoming grandmother to a healthy baby boy.

It may not be the most beautiful, fancy or even classy baby blanket there is, but it was made with so much love and presented with so much affection, that I like to think this is the best present I’ve given anyone yet.

Of course, I am an expert in picking great presents in general 😉 But this one was special, both to me, I. and my friend ❤




What is the best present you’ve ever given anyone? How did they react when they received it?

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