Light a Candle

Light a Candle

It’s the end of the month already! Time to light a candle for someone you’ve lost or someone who needs a little extra positive energy 🙂

April’s candle is for Jamie, of course, because I lost him this month and my heart goes out to him. Also, C.‘s been on my mind a lot lately, with her birthday coming up on May 5th and her not being here to celebrate it with us any more. So this candle is also for C..

Then there is I., my niece who didn’t make it into this world after all. Her birthday (I refuse to call it anything else) is also coming up in May and I suspect she’ll be on my mind a lot. So I., here’s to you!

And finally, I light this candle for my mum. She’s got her annual post-cancer check-up this Wednesday and she’s nervous they might have found something again, a fear that lingers in all of our minds always, but flames up every year when her check-up is due. I hope she’s alright and will be cleared for another 365 days 🙂

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?

Title (aka What’s In A Name?)

  • Definition: Any other name, or label, that you use for yourself or for others. Sometimes you use it to approach someone whose name you don’t know (yet), or one is used to indicate someone’s social standings (“The doctor will see you now”). Books, blogs, vlogs, videos, ships, air planes and sometimes even houses can have a title, too.
“My principles are more important than the money or my title”
– Muhammed Ali –

May 9th is my Big Day: then I will finally (finally) receive my diploma as a Life and Career Coach.

Having worked so hard towards this goal, I almost lost sight of what I want to do with it; when I graduated as a sociologist, I honestly thought I’d have to fight my way through job offers, trying to pick out the best one. Okay, I didn’t really think that as I graduated in the midst of a financial crisis. But in the end, though, nothing more remained of that diploma than me having a neat title.

Which sounds really cool: Master of Science (in Dutch I also got Weledelgeleerde Vrouwe, which means as much as Her Well Educated Lady. Talk about fancy stuff.) I worked really hard for that title, too, but still. Kind of useless if you don’t use it, right?

This whole graduating-and-gaining-titles-business has got me thinking. If I want to be an independent Life Coach (and I do), I have to come up with a good name for my business. I could just use my last name, but I really want something that represents me as a person and signals what kind of Life Coach I am. Someone who follows her own path, has overcome insecurity after insecurity (and is still doing so), is respectful and sees herself as someone who thinks differently than most people. And those are the types of people I want to get as clients, preferably. Because we must be with more than a few, I reckon, we just hide well. And there must be more people like me, feeling awkward and lost, and who could use a hand by finding their own pathway in life.

That’s one thing I’m struggling with. All ideas are welcome, by the way, as my diploma will be Europe-acknowledged and I still have the desire of one day not living in the Netherlands (read: a powerful English title for my business, as opposed to a Dutch one, will do me no harm). So any ideas you’ve got that could describe me and potentially make for a good Life Coach Business name: please let me know in the comments! Make sure they’re all positive, though! 😉

Then there’s that other thing that’s been bugging me for a few months now: I don’t really feel like the name of this blog suits me any more. At first I thought it was great, having a dictionary-like style for my posts, but I’m not really feeling it any more. Is there any (easy) way to adjust your blog’s name/URL without having to create a whole new blog?

Because *confession here* I kind of dislike it a lot when people quit one blog and then start over with a semi-same concept under a different name. Usually I stop being interested when they do, and I don’t really want to be that person myself. Something about hating hypocrisy.

So I need your help! If you can help me brainstorm by hitting me with great titles for my future business, I’ll be very grateful! And if you know how I can change my blog’s title (and URL) without having to start over, I’ll be even more grateful.

No, not more grateful. About the same, really. Unless you have the answer to both of my issues, then I’ll be Ever As Grateful.

Which is just, as it shows, a whole new title 🙂

Have a good weekend, everyone!
Heart to Post

Earworm of the Week

Have a good time trying to get this one out of your head! So far, I haven’t succeeded yet 😉

Have a happy week, everyone!

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (24)

“The World would stop spinning if we’d stop and think about everything first”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, but Spring is here and that always reminds me of your wonderful power of rebirth; how like a phoenix you rise from your own ashes every year.

The weather has taken a turn for the better, lately, this week I even got to sit outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. But even with the sunlight shedding a different light on you, Life, I still cannot make out the path in front of me. Just like every year when you bring back the blossoms to the trees and make everyone’s grass a little greener, I feel I am, again (or maybe still) stuck.

Maybe it is the feeling of everything around me coming back to life that makes me feel rushed to figure out mine.

I know there is no rush. I know it is futile to sit and think so much when I could get up and do something. Even if it’s not something successful, still it is better than sit around and ponder, scared of choosing the wrong path.

I know you don’t over think you path, Life, as you take your time parting the clouds from the skies above, showing off everyone’s friend the sun. I know you don’t think about the best way to bring forth new life into this World, or about the possible failures that lie ahead of you. Because you do what you do every year, knowing everything has a beginning and an end. Nature gives and nature takes, it’s that simple.

I often think if everyone was a little bit more like me, we’d have a quieter World, one in which there’d be more respect and kindness. But if everyone was a little more like me, I doubt we’d get anything done! Instead, the World would probably stop spinning. Confused by all the doubting and the pondering, Earth would simply stop and just… wait it out. Like me.

There’s no more waiting, Life. There’s only moving forward. Here’s Spring to get me started, then Summer to get me going at my loudest, Fall to temper my energy, and Winter to calm down.

Only to do it all over again next Spring. Like a phoenix.

Like you.




Goodbye (aka You Are Not Weird For Loving A Pet That Small)

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my dear pet gerbil Jamie. He nearly made it to 3,5 years. He was adventurous (the only gerbil ever to climb my head!), incredibly stubborn and beyond gentle.

In the end, he was so sick he could nearly eat, drink, or do much else but breathe. So me and the vet made the decision to let him go.

I am sad, because this little fuzz ball was my buddy. But at the same time I am relieved he no longer has to suffer.

Jamie, I love you. I hope you’ve found Loki and you two are making Heaven a better place together.