Letters to Life

Letters to Life (46)

“You always think about creating. Your future begins every morning when you wake up. Every day, you do something creative with your life” – Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

A new year introduces new dreams and 2019 Resolutions are popping up everywhere.

You know my two convictions about resolutions, Life:

1. I enjoy watching people run in January, as I know that by the time February comes along the majority of them will have forfeited their running dreams. Runners in January, for me, embody New Year’s Resolutions. Runners in February, or the lack thereof, embody why there’s something such as Blue Monday.

2. I don’t make resolutions. I’ve joined in on the annual and global Blue Monday “celebrations” a few times and then decided to never again do so. Instead, I set goals for every year and I find this is a much more successful way of improving yourself!

This year, however, I have made one major resolution: I’m giving up on all “promotion attempts” I have made thus far for my coaching business, and instead I am going to figure out what kind of approach works for me and feels right.

What do I want to achieve this year as a coach? How am I going to do that? When do I want to have done it?

The past year I have experienced lots of stress, because I felt I was failing in the eyes of the people around me. I constantly felt I needed to step up my game, yet I wasn’t sure what that game was, exactly.

So I am taking a step back to figure this whole business-thing out. I am going to set solid goals and think of wonderful ways to achieve those, but in my own way.

I’ll make sure I’ll still be here, coaching, even after the January blues run off!

It’s going to be just like with running: while everyone else falters, I keep on going.

In my own tempo.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2019?

6 thoughts on “Letters to Life (46)”

  1. Good morning, Samantha. I haven’t a clue about succeeding in a coaching business, but I think you are on the right track about not worrying about failing in the eyes of others. The farther you get from thinking about other’s opinions of you the better off you are. You can only be true to yourself. Best of luck!

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