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Heart Warmer

Happy 2019 everyone!

I know I said that before, but this Heart Warmer is so, well, warm, it is sure to bring a happy glow into your life at this early stage of the new year.

The story: Ted Richardson, an (almost) 94 year old veteran, lost his beloved wife Florence years ago. And to this day, he visits her grave at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Honolulu) six times a week! He is often the first visitor there when the cemetery opens and has visited Florence’s grave over 1,300 times!

Ted says it was love at first sight and he’s never loved another woman. He and Florence spent 72 happy years together and he plans on keeping up his almost daily visits to her grave until he’s no longer able to do so.

And in case you were still doubting whether this is true love or not: Ted’s arranged for fresh flowers to be put on his beloved wife’s grave even after he himself has passed away.

Imagine having a partner like that, who even after Death takes care of you with the greatest tenderness anyone can possibly possess ❤

I hope you al have someone special like that in your life, be it a partner, a soul mate, a family member or a best friend. Maybe even a special pet. I hope you won’t have to go a day in your life being lonely ❤




If you want to read more about this extraordinary act of love, please go here.

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