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Know it by Heart (7)

Do you know that TV Show “Wife Swap” in which two wives (and sometimes husbands) swap lives for a week?

I often wonder what would happen if countries would swap for a few years. You know, like move your entire government and all inhabitants to another country and run that new country for a while. See how that goes.

Would people actually learn to be more respectful towards foreigners if that term would practically cease to exist?

Well, that’s another thing. For now, I’d like to ask you, if Country Swap was a real thing, what country would you like to swap with, and why?

I’ve already asked what country you’d like to be and my answer to that was Iceland. But, if I was to live in another country with everyone else who currently resides in the Netherlands, I’d want all Dutchies to live in an environment that’s nothing like the one we live in now so we can learn the most.

For a start: the Netherlands might be small, but they’re also relatively safe. Apart from a few exceptions, no major natural disasters every really happen. The weather is boring but never too dangerous, either. No snow storms or hurricanes here! As for deadly animals: we have the adder as the most deadly one, I think. And even so, this snake only appears in some parts of the country and although its bite is toxic, it’s not lethal.

If my country could swap with another country, I’d pick Australia. They have quite a large collection of the World’s deadliest animals and I’d like to become more aware of that. Not take every spider for granted, you know 😉 And sure they have beautiful weather, but that’s not all peaches, either! And, most importantly, I cannot imagine the space Australia would offer! The Netherlands are so tiny, I think in a day or two you could travel around the whole country. Can’t see that happening in Australia…

As a bonus, there’s mountains. But then again: every country but mine has those!

As an extra bonus: I feel my government is kind of failing at running a small country, I really wonder how they’d do within a larger, more relaxed environment…

Yes, Australia sure does sound nice to swap countries with. You know, for a while.




What country would you swap with if you had the opportunity?

10 thoughts on “Know it by Heart (7)”

  1. That is such a good question. I think it would be really funny to see how it all worked out. I would love to swap with Japan. It would be really hard to for us as a country to deal with all the people and space issues. We are used to having so much room to drive around and do a road trip, but in Japan, it would be really hard .

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    1. Now that’s something I’d like to see, too! Plus, Japan is famous for being (I think) the most efficiently operates country in the World. What would they do with the States?


  2. Given that my government is half-closed at the moment, I’d swap it for almost any working government. By the way, I remember that show “Wife Swap” with some resentment. I never saw an episode, but a traveling entertaining family chose to participate and ruined their reputation in the process. I was enormously disappointed. J.

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    1. Wife Swap was pretty… confronting sometimes, yes. Sorry to hear about your disappointment.

      Even more sorry to be reminded of your government’s shutdown. What’s funny/typical about it is that my country’s news firstly reported about it as if it never happened before. Today I learned other presidents have done it, too.

      Not that that makes it a good thing, though. I really hope this shutdown will be over, soon!

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