Letters to Life

Letters to Life (47)

“I will sow love where there is none, and I shall find love everywhere”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

It’s really easy to give up on people. But it can be much more rewarding to walk that extra mile for them, rather than walk away.

Life, you know I am happy some people want me to be their life coach, yet I dread meeting new people. I want to present them with the best version of me and somehow I have got it stuck in my head that the best version of me can only be presented in the first ten minutes of meeting someone new.

Of course that’s not true. I know not to underestimate the impact of first impressions, Life, but there is also such a thing as a bond between people. And a genuinely strong, respectful and mutually trusting bond simply cannot emerge after ten minutes only.

A woman asked me to be her coach. We had a somewhat awkward first chat, yet I honestly believed I can help her with her personal quest and she agreed.

However, quite early we ran into a problem: minor issues with the assignments I had sent her, but which were too major to overcome. I got the feeling we distrusted each other (so not much of a bond there, Life), and I found myself hoping she’d blow me off altogether.

But she didn’t. Instead, she expressed her frustrations about not being able to hand in the assignments. I felt hugely relieved and told her I felt upset about my inability to fix that problem for her.

Life, instead of trying to solve an issue I can’t solve, I am now looking for ways to deplete our frustrations. And that I think I can do.

I am going to sow love where there was none, and hopefully find it plenty in a new bond with a new coachee.




How do you sow love in loveless places?

2 thoughts on “Letters to Life (47)”

  1. It sounds to me as though you have the right touch: listen when she explains her frustrations, share your own frustrations, and don’t give up because of early disappointments. There’s not any more to it than that. J.

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