Letters to Life

Letters to Life (48)

“Every moment, you may start over”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

To be honest, I never thought my mother would make it past 64. Without any particular reason, it’s just a hunch I had. One that grew heavier as the years passed by, even more so after my mother got diagnosed with cancer at 58, and lately I thought this burden would weigh me down completely as she neared her 65th birthday – or as I saw it: her end.

But February 4th came and went and my mother turned 65 with a happy-and-slightly-alcohol-induced glow. As it turned out, my mum didn’t think she’d make it this far, either.

How happy we were for being proven wrong!

But you know me, Life: one potential drama leaves my head and another greedily (and swiftly) takes its place.

I found myself doing some maths: my mother got cancer before her 60th. Both her parents died of (different kinds of) cancer before they turned 60. My maternal uncle and aunt also died of cancer before their 60th. There’s one aunt left, but we lost touch. Yet I think it’s safe to say that there’s a pattern here…

This caused me to think: if 60 is the limit for my mother’s side and I have 50% of her genes, maybe 60 is my max, too. And if that is the case, then I only have 28 more years to go!

Life, if I never make it past 60, I’m already halfway through you! I better make those 28 years ahead of me count!

Then again, my father’s family practically invented longevity and I got 50% of his genes, too. For all I know I am the first person to make it past 160… You just never know, do you?

Thank goodness I can start my calculations over any moment, any time, any day. For at least 28 more years.

How do you start over?

8 thoughts on “Letters to Life (48)”

  1. This is interesting to me because I have thought about this too. Ever since I was a kid I made it a goal to live to age 80. I wonder, if an when I make it to 80, then what? Will I feel like I fulfilled my goal? Will I cease to be motivated to keep living? It’s all very strange.

    Just lead a healthy life and you’ll be fine. Blessings to you and your family.


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    1. I think I am going to let it loose. I mean… I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll grow old, maybe I’ll be hit by a car this afternoon and die at 32. I just don’t know what age I’ll live to make it to. So I’m just going to enjoy myself while the ride lasts 🙂

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  2. I’m glad your mother passed that arbitrary goal line of a 65th birthday. Blessings to you both.
    I recently heard on the radio that only about 7 % of our chance for a long life comes through our genes from our parents and grandparents. A lot more depends on how we live. That didn’t especially cheer me, since both my parents and all four of my grandparents lived into their eighties. Even so, I was blessed to know all six of them. J.

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    1. Thank you, J.

      Oh, I didn’t know that. Somehow I am a bit relieved because I think I live pretty healthily, so maybe that improves my chances. Then again… shame to see my father’s parents make it well into 80 (grandpa even to 92!) and not being able to really profit from that.

      Then again, my grandfather had Alzheimer’s, so it’s not really the high age that counts, but more how you get there.

      Oh well. What can I say. Life, ey? 😉


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