Letters to Life

Letters to Life (50)

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again”Random Paper Wisdom (actual quote is from Etienne de Grellet)

Dear Life,

Sometimes I stare so hard at the distractions on my way, I miss the mirror you hold in front of me.

It’s as if you’re a delivery man, neatly placing parcels in front of my house and ringing my doorbell. By the time I open, everything I asked for is in front of me, yet I don’t see it until I step outside and nearly break my neck over it.

As you know, Life, I regularly draw a rune to “help me along my way”. This time I picked Thurisaz, the rune for protection and justice.

Thurisaz is said to be able to show you your shadow sides: traits, talents, characteristics you rather not acknowledge in yourself.

In a few days, I’ve met jealousy (how come my sister has a new boyfriend already?), dependence (my dad waiting for me to make his breakfast), and prejudice (my mother assuming my good friend’s parents voted for our lousy prime minister, because they’re richer). Just to name a few.

You see, whenever you encounter someone expressing behaviour that sickens you, they actually portray a hidden side of you that you have locked away. Something from your personal shadow side suddenly slaps you in the face in the form of someone else’s behaviour.

The usual response is to angrily push that side of us even further down, but let’s try to relent and reflect on what this says about us. Is it bad to be jealous, dependent or prejudiced (sometimes)? Why can’t we accept ourselves for who we are, our bad sides included?

Nobody is perfect, Life, but nobody is incomplete, either. We all have all traits, good and bad, and we need them to be whole. And if we miss something, you’ll make sure to deliver it to us.

Right onto our doorsteps.

2 thoughts on “Letters to Life (50)”

    1. Agreed. But we do have (a little of) it within us. I always said I don’t believe in jealousy and it was very hard to admit that it does happen to me, too. But that’s being human.


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