Letters to Life

Letters to Life (52)

“Cherish each other’s imperfections, for these are what make us unique”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

You collaborated with Time this week. After all: Life and Time go hand in hand.

I had my final session with my difficult client.

I can say many things about this person, but I won’t. All I’ll spill is that we were not a good team in this set-up, but I suspect they’re a nice person all-in-all.

Afterwards I met with the keeper of the building. She’s also a coach and I ventured to get some tips from her on how to deal with future pesky clients.

Instead, this woman gave me much more than tips, Life. She asked some serious questions, such as why I’d let this client denigrate me. And how explaining the client was in full resistance was an excuse to justify their misbehaviour.

What happened next was the cold realisation that I have yet to overcome my inferiority complex. The same one that’s been haunting me for nearly 32 years now, Life. The same one I thought I’d already successfully battled!

Turns out pieces of it occasionally still seep through. Especially when I feel belittled.

As I went home, not relieved as I thought I’d be but bummed out that my self-image-related battles are not over yet, you made another thing or two clear to me, Life:

Firstly, that this inferiority complex weighs me down so much so, I physically feel exhausted! After I realised this, part of that exhaustion immediately evaporated.

Secondly, that some people went out of their way to comfort me: “Just a year ago you were a completely different person, look at the progress you’ve made!”

I am appreciated, no matter how inferior I sometimes feel.

A inferiority complex is called that because it’s complex. It needs time to heal. And life experience to be overcome.

Life and Time. Because you go hand in hand.

9 thoughts on “Letters to Life (52)”

  1. You are such a lovely person, Samantha, to do your best to extract wisdom from challenges, to reach out to others, & to share what you’ve learned with us. ❤

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    1. I translated it a bit too plastic, but I meant an inferiority complex (it’s edited now).

      This client was too dominant to my likings, making me fall into my inferior role faster than I could think about it.


  2. I think you should congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come, and realising how exhausting the minority complex is and how much it weighs you down. Things like this as you say are complex, they take time. I see a lot of things (self-confidence, acceptance, food/weight issues, and so on) as a constant work in progress. But that doesn’t diminish how far you’ve come just because the issues are still there in some lesser form, whether often or infrequently.
    Caz xx

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    1. I think you hit the nail right on the head, Caz, as this thing seems to come around and around like I’m trapped in its circle, yet it grows less intense each time we meet. I think I should hold on to that 🙂

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  3. Hi Samantha,
    Thank you for your continuous support, visiting my virtual place. Much appreciated. Got side-tracked, examined my core values and decided it’s high time to step back into my virtual Dreampack. Hence, me showing up again 😉
    The imposter-syndrom is something we skilled helpers all deal with during our careers. Keep trusting who you are, what your intents are and at the same time; it’s ok to say ‘no’ to a (possible) client. You’re an amazing lady!
    Warm regards,

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    1. Thank you, Patty. You are very right, but it’s heinous to find I constantly step in the same traps again and again. I thought I’d learned my lesson by now and it frustrates me how this theme keeps popping up in my life. Unexpected and unwanted. But oh well, it’s there and I need to deal with it.

      Thanks again for your kind words and I am happy to see you back on here! Keep spreading your good work and words 😀

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