Did You Know…?

Did you know…

…I hate clutter? Really, strongly loathe it?

As much as I hate clutter, I love tidying up ever so much! I just wanted to let you know this, as by updating my blog to this new brown-blue-purple version I reached the point where I couldn’t stand my media clutter any more and my must-be-clutter-free mentality took over. Fiercely.

This means I’ve deleted a lot of old images from this blog. Most of them were used in very old posts and I am sure nobody will miss them. But just in case you’re new here (welcome!) and are browsing through my blog, be aware some images might not load any more. It’s not your computer. It’s not your internet connection. It’s merely my aversion of clutter.

Next on my digital declutter list: my memory stick. Oh man, you don’t want to know what’s on there in terms of old photos and documents. I am not sure I want to know!

But the best part of decluttering is the relief you get afterwards. And the extra space to stuff full with new clutter, of course 😉

On a side note: You might be seeing the following image travelling around on my blog:

I am working hard on new content and giving everything a new dash of Samantha, so to speak. As time will pass and more updates will follow, this image will vanish. Just like a lot of other images did today…

Thank you for your patience! And don’t forget to follow me if you aren’t already 😉




2 thoughts on “Did You Know…?”

  1. I LOVE decluttering too! I just never seem to get very much done, like it’s a constant work-in-progress. Not sure I have the heart to look at decluttering my blog-related stuff because there’s so much that needs to go (including about a hundred drafts I’ll never finish..) Good luck with all the blog jazzing up! xx

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    1. I decluttered by bedroom this week, but I can quite lose myself in the progress, so I work with areas, lol! This time I did my big bookshelf, next time I’m attacking my drawers.
      As for my blog: I only got rid of old images. I never delete a text, no matter how horrid. I feel that whatever you write, it’s bound to make you better so it’s something you should be proud of. Even if it’s “just” a draft 😉

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