Letters to Life

Letters to Life (56)

“You should use your fist rather to laugh into, than to hit something with”Random Paper Wisdom (quote is from Herman Brusselmans)

Dear Life,

Frustration… Is there anything worse to experience emotion-wise? Is there anything more useless to experience emotion-wise?

Actually, don’t answer that last one. Before you know it I’ll start one of my “jealousy is the most futile emotion in the world”-rants. Best to steer clear from that, Life, otherwise I’ll end up feeling more frustrated than I do already.

Frustration pokes its head up the second things don’t go as planned. Where other emotions at least have the decency to bang on your door for a while before breaking through, frustration is rude. And cunning: it simply climbs a window. Before you know it, it’s taken over your mind completely and you didn’t even see it come in!

The emotion is hard to beat, because it knows no stopping! It keeps coming back around, bringing along family members, filling up every available millimetre of your head and wearing you out. The worst part: it won’t even go away after you’ve acknowledged its existence! How unfair. All other emotions do.

I am frustrated, Life. Mainly it’s due to my happy hormones. They all seem to be raving inside my body. I suspect they’re out looking for more ways to taunt me besides bloating me up waist down.

Frustration has also invited one of its cousins to the party inside my head as I feel upset about my fitness burn-out, too. They kind of work well together: the party starter is making me feel upset over gaining useless wait, the cousin for not being able to work it off.

I know the only thing I need is time for this all to pass and for me to stop beating myself down. All I can do is sit and wait for the Frustration Family to move out.

And then quickly change the locks.

12 thoughts on “Letters to Life (56)”

  1. Oh yeah, I know what you are talking about, Samantha. It’s best if you try and kick out the frustration family. They are rather shameless and don’t know when to leave.

    PS Deep breaths usually work wonders. Take care.

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  2. My inner frustration demon & yours could be the best of buds. You’re right, frustration knows no bounds! I have high anxiety so I guess that sparks the frustration for me but it’s a hard one to deal with, right? Then comes the guilt over feeling frustrated, so it’s a never ending cycle. I hope you manage to get some time to take a step back, breathe, and be kind to yourself. If that fails, go on a mini rampage & scream it all out! 😂
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks, Caz. I read once about the Feedback Loop From H*ll, which basically is: making yourself feel bad for feeling bad. Very relatable.
      My mum lent me yoga book. It says to do yoga every morning before breakfast. I suppose that’s worth trying.

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    1. I will. Is that the way to let frustration out? I yelled at someone for not deleting me from their mailing – after about 4 requests. And I can honestly say that made me feel a little better 😅


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