Letters to Life

Letters to Life (57)

“I realise I hold my own destiny in my hands, like a sculptor with a rock that he’s going to chisel into shape”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

The magic of Saturday made me wish for more days like that, yet at the same time found me grateful for their scarcity. Because that makes them much the most special.

My family is busy and chaotic but every year we manage to find a spot in everyone’s agendas for a family get-together, usually at a theme park.

With my nephew and nieces around, I tend to forget I am not good with children or how awkward I am around them; every silly thing I do is warmly welcomed by the whole lot.

So much so, that I even got away with child abduction, Life! Albeit for just a little while… 😉

We had finished our lunch and were lazily making our way over to the next ride. I thought having my two nieces with me – one by each hand – would slow me down (especially because there was a fair amount of skipping involved) and I figured the rest would catch up with us in no time.

However, while twirling around  for what felt like forever in what I considered was a rather aggressive giant tea cup, panic started to rise: where were the others? Were they really going to leave me alone with two children?

But then the youngest of them giggled her contagious I-am-having-SO-much-fun laugh while the other got comfortable by putting up her legs on the seat and resting her head on my chest, and I couldn’t help but smile at this stolen moment, Life.

And the best part: yesterday was filled with such moments! With all three of them.

With one more on the way (my middle sister is due in December – nope, don’t expect me to reproduce) I am already looking forward to our family outing next year. And the next. And the next. And the… And…

10 thoughts on “Letters to Life (57)”

  1. I will try to remember (as regards child abduxion) to paste in (or “direct” you to?) a facebook post wherein I asked my few readers what they would consider the most scary/dangerous situation I had faced in the preceding week: (1) playing goalie (keep in mind i’m what might be considered “old”) against a team many of whom were the local university players; (2) I rowed a boat out into a pond with the objective of sawing tree limbs off which were hampering our irrigation intake (I only almost fell in twice); (3) my 5-year-old grandson and I went on a bike ride (I told mom we were going) — only to have him race off and away (I was on a slow one-speed cruiser bike) on sidewalks along downtown Portland Oregon streets and I really was trying to catch up with him to re-direct our ride elsewhere …
    Yes, #3. when we finally got home I told Mom and she said “oh, he goes along those roads all the time.” (I definitely would not have been allowed up ’til age 8 or 9 or 10 or so to ride a route such as we did).

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