Letters to Life

Letters to Life (49)

“For the remainder of the day: spare yourself”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

Dear Stomach Flu,

Although I can’t say I love having you around, I do appreciate your sense of humour. Seeing as I kept joking around how I’d surely need “a full week to recover” from a family weekend, and you making sure I needed exactly that.

A full week to recover.

Maybe it’s pure irony. Or perhaps you teamed up with my good friend Life and decided to teach me a lesson.

In case of the latter, I reckon it was a hard lesson to learn as you’ve never stayed around for this long, Stomach Flu. Five days, really?? All I can be thankful for is that at least you didn’t make me vomit. As surely you know all about my phobia…

Anyway, after days of lying on the sofa, watching mind-numbingly stupid TV shows on end while flicking through my mother’s new book (even in my deepest depths of despair I loathe commercial breaks), you put me straight yet again. It’s the same lesson I’m reminded of every time my health takes a plunge: without health, I am the poorest person on Earth and all I want is to get better.

Especially after more than one day of die-hard diarrhoea. Seriously, was that really necessary, Mr. Flu? I think I’d have gotten the message after the standard 24 hours, thank you!

Well, you reminded me I need to take good care of myself, especially when I feel fine. Because it’s in those moments when I think I am there and nothing can hurt me.

Up until that one exhausting family weekend comes along, accompanied by a not-all-together-very-well-cleaned-holiday-home-with-poor-ventilation and a swimming pool with such high levels of chlorine it’s amazing my lungs didn’t explode.

I get it: I am not invincible. And I need to remember that, especially when I feel I am.

Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

It’s been a while since I last posted a Heart Warmer, but trust me this one will make up for all the lost ones!

As Tim Curfman was taking his trash out on one of the most icy and slippery and snowy days in American history, his dog Midnight accompanied him. All of a sudden, Midnight started sniffing, perking up her ears, barking and eventually ran off. The dog behaved in a manner that was not like her normal self at all, according to Tim.

He followed his black Labrador and found her with his neighbour Noreen, an 87-year-old woman who had fallen into the snow, unable to get back up. Eventually, she’d spent over half an hour in the snow and if it hadn’t been for Midnight, she’d probably have died there!

Midnight called her owner to action and he went and got help from some other neighbours. Together, they managed to get Noreen out of her feeble position and back into the warmth and safety of her own home.

Us people have the tendency to feel superior to all other living things. But fact is that none of us could have smelled Noreen’s problems like Midnight did. If it wasn’t for this beautiful and alert dog, Noreen would not have made it out alive.

Plus, just look at that face! That in itself is pretty heart-warming, isn’t it? ❤




If you want to read more about this extraordinary animal and her selfless act of heroism, please go here
Letters to Life

Letters to Life (48)

“Every moment, you may start over”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

To be honest, I never thought my mother would make it past 64. Without any particular reason, it’s just a hunch I had. One that grew heavier as the years passed by, even more so after my mother got diagnosed with cancer at 58, and lately I thought this burden would weigh me down completely as she neared her 65th birthday – or as I saw it: her end.

But February 4th came and went and my mother turned 65 with a happy-and-slightly-alcohol-induced glow. As it turned out, my mum didn’t think she’d make it this far, either.

How happy we were for being proven wrong!

But you know me, Life: one potential drama leaves my head and another greedily (and swiftly) takes its place.

I found myself doing some maths: my mother got cancer before her 60th. Both her parents died of (different kinds of) cancer before they turned 60. My maternal uncle and aunt also died of cancer before their 60th. There’s one aunt left, but we lost touch. Yet I think it’s safe to say that there’s a pattern here…

This caused me to think: if 60 is the limit for my mother’s side and I have 50% of her genes, maybe 60 is my max, too. And if that is the case, then I only have 28 more years to go!

Life, if I never make it past 60, I’m already halfway through you! I better make those 28 years ahead of me count!

Then again, my father’s family practically invented longevity and I got 50% of his genes, too. For all I know I am the first person to make it past 160… You just never know, do you?

Thank goodness I can start my calculations over any moment, any time, any day. For at least 28 more years.

How do you start over?

Heart to Post

Know it by Heart (8)

Oh goodies she blogs! D:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. But yes, I’m still busy with tons of stuff. “Making a new blogging schedule” has actually made it to my weekly task list, mind you, so hopefully I’ll be back on here more often in the near future.

As for now… As I was recently ploughing through my “Do It Yourself Memoir” (why not?), I came across a question I found rather difficult to answer: What movie title would you give your life?

Eventually I settled for a song title, but still, I thought it was a wonderful question to pester you all with, too:

I picked Live Your Life by Mika. He sings about someone who’s different from the people around them, but in a good way.

It took me a long time to come to terms with myself being different from others, and maybe even longer to accept it as a trait rather than a vice. Yet, all my life, I’ve been me. A little recalcitrant, caring, and generally good-natured. And at times a good example for others.

I hope one day someone will sing how I always make their skies turn blue 🙂

(Can’t watch the video? Go here)




What song or movie title would you give your life? And why?