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About All Kinds Of Emotions & One Kind Of Remedy

“My moods are like a roller coaster. It’s hard for me to just feel one way all the time”Tierra Whack


This week, my To Do List topped:  Strangle my gynaecologist.

I am not an aggressive person and I don’t believe in using violence to solve a problem, but I can honestly say that if I had seen that woman sometime during last Monday or the days following, she would have had an incredibly hard time getting away from me without a scratch. Or two.

For those of you who don’t know me (too) well: I’ve been having severe weekly nausea attacks combined with all kinds of physical craziness for the unhappy period of about nine months, ever since I stopped taking the pill. For the full story I suggest you browse older posts as I am done with that chapter of my life.

Anyway, the gynaecologist already mentioned concluded my cries for help with: “it’s definitely not the hormones”, that it was “all in my head” and that I should go and “talk to someone about it.”

Very long story very short: I talked to someone about it. It’s not in my head.  And last Monday I found out my physical maladies ARE 100% hormonal!


Thank goodness for Google being brilliant and my low blood pressure being persistent, because the combination of the latter with PMS in the almighty search box gave me what I’ve secretly been craving for nine months: a possible cure.

Vitex agnus castus  (monk’s pepper) is a homeopathical supplement that is used to help women balance out their hormones.

Vitex Agnus Castus or Monk’s Pepper is often used to help women deal with physical complaints due to hormonal disbalances

Can you imagine how upset I was to learn I’ve been sick more on than off for three quarters of a year while this stuff was out there already, making women like me feel better every day!?

That, basically, I’ve been sick for no reason? That my physical problems could have been prevented?

I fully realise that a homeopathic supplement is a “natural remedy,” which are hardly ever recognised by regular health care. And that even if it works wonders on countless women worldwide, it might not do anything for me, personally.

But I still went and bought two bottles of it right away!

The reason why Monday made me angry enough to want to strangle my gynaecologist is mostly because I was so relieved to find this possible remedy. To me, it was proof that I am not crazy and this is a real thing!

Then the sadness hit me because I started counting back the nine months since I got sick, all which might have been prevented if only I’d known about this sooner…

And I have been really sick. Despite no longer grounding me to my bed or returning weekly, the nausea attacks still creep up on me regularly and drain my energy in total. So yes, sadness for all that’s happened.

But… if Monday was a dark roller-coaster, Tuesday left no doubt in what I felt: happiness, because my package arrived within 24 hours of ordering Monk’s Pepper, and hopefulness that mine, too, will turn into a success story!

To Do List: Strangle my gynaecologist Tackle my hormones once and for all.





What was on your To Do List this week? How did you go about that?

30 thoughts on “About All Kinds Of Emotions & One Kind Of Remedy”

  1. Hai lieverd,
    Zoek even de Energiek Vrouwen Academie op internet. Die dame weet alles over hormonen. Haar boek heeft mij geholpen toen ik er achter kwam al erg jong in de overgang te zitten.
    ps..en hopelijk brengt de kuur die je gekocht hebt verlichting. In Zwitserland is homeopathie erkend als geneeswijze…nu de rest van de wereld nog 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bedankt voor de info! Daar ga ik zeker even achteraan 😁
      De pilletjes lijken toch al iets te doen, de klachten worden iets minder maar zijn er nog wel. Volgens onderzoeken duurt het 3-6 maanden voor je echt kunt spreken van een wondermiddel, dus ik hou hoop 😊

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  2. I hope you are well now and am sire you will be totally fine in a little while…..i know suffering for 9 months must be difficult but now when you will become totally fine, you will be even more happy and lively than you ever were because suffering ultimately increases the intensity of happiness 😊😊

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  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are still wrestling with this. I hope you definitely find some relief with this new therapy. I will be praying for your healing and success.

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  4. Oops sorry to hear about that 9-month episode. I usually talk to my own body and brain after seeing a doctor. If both of them agree, I give only first prescription a chance for maximum 24 hours and then go back to my brain and body to discuss. If they change their mind, I change the doctor right away without thinking twice. We are closest to our own body than the best medical science or its miracles (meds) out there.

    Hope you are up and jumping with crazy happy life soon 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wish I could change doctors so easily, but none of them take on new patients so it’s impossible. As for that gynaecologist… she’ll never see me again in her office for as long as I live.
      I kept complaining about, well, my complaints, but nobody listened so I took to Google and homeopathy (if that’s a word). Because my body kept screaming for help. So far, better results and less frustration. Nowadays if I feel I should see a doctor, I only go if there’s no other way. I kind of lost my trust in them, altough my GP’s substitute is still human and listens. Things go the way they go, I am just glad it didn’t take me 9 more months before I found this possible remedy 🙂

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      1. Find her name on Google and leave an honest review about her for others to take a heed. And marry a rich guy to be able to switch doctors like I can… LOL 🙂

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        1. Switching doctors is, unfortunately, bound by their distance to us. And all the ones in my vicinity are full. There’s no way, not even with money. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and hope mine retires soon (she’s old so I’m hopeful). Until then, I’ll just avoid her.

          I was thinking try out the supplements, get better, then send her an empty bottle of them with a note in it saying something like: not in my head, but in this bottle lay the solution to my problems.

          Or something similar. I’m still working on it.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You’re very creative with getting even with your doc. LOL 🙂 Your body is most precious thing that holds your soul. I’d switch the area to a place where I have more choices of docs and medical facilities to take care of my body.

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