Letters to Life

Letters to Life (65)

“Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again”Henry Ford

Dear Life,

Doing my taxes the other day got me wondering about two things:

1 –  Did they have to make it this difficult? The wording of some of the questions was badly chosen at best and completely incomprehensible for the remainder of the tax forms.
I mean,  I went to college! I graduated With Distinction! So we’ve already established I am not stupid, yet I feel stupid when I ponder my brilliant mind about what exactly it is my tax service wants to know…

2Thank goodness there are people in this World who devoted their time, attention and college choices to become tax advisors. I honestly don’t know how they do it, Life, but it must be one of your miracles not to see them crumble and falter under such boring tasks that come with – UGH – doing taxes.

Anyway, adamant to learn how to do my own – now that I am a business owner it’s gotten more challenging – I decided to try and figure it out before my tax advising cousin comes over next week to check on my hard work and possibly laugh at my tax stupidity (in which case I will not feed him).

2018 was my first year as a professional life coach and my one and only paying customer scored me a whooping €49 in tax returns last year! Keen on getting even more out of it this year, the shocking negativity of the numbers hit me: -€800.

That’s minus eight hundred Euros, Life! That means I spent more money than I earned!

However disappointing this outcome, I did not take too long to get over it. I am learning how to run a business, how to make it profitable and I am learning how to do my taxes. This is my learning curve!

So my taxes are a downer, but who knows what wonders await me in coaching? I mean, I am only just getting started. This? This is but a warm-up!

Before you know it, I’ll be coaching (and doing my taxes) With Distinction. Because I am brilliant ❤

Did your taxes depress you, too, or are they also making way for improvement next year? Let me know I am not alone in this! ↓↓

16 thoughts on “Letters to Life (65)”

    1. Thanks, Mahevash, for your confidence. I know I can do this, I just need a little guidance and I’m getting that, so I am happy.

      The World better get ready for me soon 😁👍


    1. Hi Kamal! I am so sorry, your comment got caught in my SPAM folder and I only saw it just now. Thank you very much for the nomination! I will make sure to check it out ASAP 🙂


  1. Business start-ups generally lose more than they make for the first year–sometimes for the first several years (depending upon the business). Don’t be discouraged by the apparent loss, but take every tax advantage the loss provides! I trained and worked one year as a tax preparer. I probably could have made a career from it, but more interesting opportunities arose. J.

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    1. Thanks, J, you are right. I am not taking this too hard, I must admit. I was more surprised than shocked, honestly, and see it as a gentle nudge to step up my game.

      “More interesting opportunities” sounds very kind. Taxes drive me mad and I only have to tackle them once a year 🙄 How people do it with a smile I don’t know.

      By the way, I tried to look for it on your blog but I couldn’t find it, but I’ve been curious since the first time you mentioned it. Did you ever get that callback? How did that work out for you?

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      1. I’m sorry to say that they found another person for the position. In fact, the way things went, I think he was chosen and intended for the position even before the opening was announced. The same has happened with similar positions I have been watching; they all have been filled, and I have not even received any sign of interest. I remain hopeful that a place is waiting for me somewhere, but I don’t know where, and I don’t know when it will happen. J.

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  2. Luckily, my husband has an accounting degree and since I’ve begun my business, he does my taxes. He fusses at me all…the…time, but hey, at least they’re done correctly.

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    1. Lucky you! I am thankful for my cousin. He mopes a lot but he’s got a knack for this and I know I can trust him to filter out any possible mistake, as well as tutor me how NOT to do it next year 😅😂

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  3. Taxes are always a pain, regardless if you are receiving your own money back or giving the government more of your money. My taxes continue to get progressively easier and especially since I now only have a hobby business. However, it think it is very helpful for a business owner to do their own taxes since it forces them to factor in the tax implications of their business decisions and improves there record keeping. Until one is comfortable, they may want to have a professional check over their work.

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    1. That’s exactly what I am doing. My cousin is one of those mysterious people who went to college to study tax law… Beats me why, but he doesn’t mind helping me out and I am grateful for that. This tax thing was a wake-up call for me. Time to get serious about myself and what I do 🙂

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