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Is This The End?

Okay, so, here I am. With lots of new ideas (I even made a brainstorm-thingy!) and actually sitting down to breathe some life back into my blog.

And all I find is an infuriating block editor… What the […] am I to do with this?!

Has anyone got any ideas on how to go back to the classic editor, apart from downloading plugins or creating a “classic block” or any of the other 100 free ideas I’ve spent this whole afternoon trying (and that don’t work)?

Even the trick of saving a post as a concept and then editing it under “classic editor” doesn’t work any more. I’m so confused! And lost!

And angry! It’s as if all the blocks are working against me! Nothing works the way I want it to, it’s frustrating me! :O

Or could this be really the end of my personal blog? Is this the Universe trying to tell me to stop mucking about and pull the plug already?

I mean, if every post is going to be a battle with WordPress, why bother?

I was only away for 2,5 months! How come everything’s changed!? O_O

And if I stop using WordPress Free, where does that leave me? Do I change my business blog into English and more personal and hopefully meet you all there?

But how’s that going to get me new clients if my business is all-Dutch?

Or do I just stop writing for fun altogether?

I’ve got so many questions and no answers! Oof, I need some tea and chocolate to process all this…

How are you all doing this? Have you found a way to work with the block editor or were you successful at reverting to the classic one?

Please let me know 🙂

25 thoughts on “Is This The End?”

  1. I see now that you’ve tried what I said (just give a post a title, then close, then re-open and choose “classic editor” to edit), but you had lost the classic editor option. You might start with this bit of advice I got from WordPress support a while back. (I think it helped me but I can’t remember how, and I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to test it all over again. Anytime a tech company justifies changes “to help reduce confusion,” as WordPress said about this one, I brace myself for an avalanche of increased confustion. And I’m still never prepared. Below is the original msg from support.)

    Hi there,

    It sounds like your account has been switched to the unified navigation, which is being rolled out on WordPress.com. You can read about this here: https://wordpress.com/forums/topic/unified-navigation/.

    If your account has been switched and you used to access the Classic Editor through WP Admin, you’ll need to turn on the Advanced Navigation in your Account Settings>Dashboard Appearance to access the Classic Editor.

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    1. So glad you’re persevering, Samantha — yes, go to the icon of you in the upper right corner, then go to account settings, then dashboard appearance, then toggle to ‘show advanced dashboard pages’ & then save

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  2. One trick related to Fairy Queen’s note that you can only use classic editor to change, not to create, a post. I just give a post a title, then save it, then re-open to edit in classic editor. This works for now anyway.

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    1. It used to work, but I think I got another update or something because that trick does no longer work for me.
      But it’s okay. I am slowly learning how to deal with the mayhem of block editing.

      And then I feel extra relieved when updating my business website, because I’ve downloaded the classic editor plugin on there 😁😂

      ❤ the small things in life

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  3. The block firmat is difficult to manage but now it’s the only way to write. You can us classic editor only when you go to change something in the post ( from the Dashboard inside the blog) 😊

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      1. You have to go to Dashboard, then to “all posts” and then choose a post and open it. It happears a message that tells you to make a choice: editor with blocks or classic editor. And you have to click to “classic editor”.

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        1. I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t work for me 🤷‍♀️ I don’t get that choice, it’s either edit (then the blocks appear) or nothing.

          Doesn’t really matter, I suppose. Eventually the classic editor will disappear altogether, I think. The blocks don’t like me very much right now, but I’m certain I’ll find a way to tame them 💪

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  4. Block isn’t so bad after you fiddle around with it for a few months. I know. Who has time for that? Here’s some unsolicited advice: When I blog, I try to use one new feature so I can learn it better. It’s helped because now I see how block was supposed to make things better (promise WP hasn’t paid me to troll you lol).

    I also write what I want in Word and then copy/paste it over. That seems to help a lot.

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    1. Thanks, Katherin. That lifts my spiritd a bit.

      I’ve fiddled around with the copy paste from Word and that indeed seems to work wonders. You’re probably right that it makes it easier when I try to get my head around one new thing at a time, although I’ll probably never stop missing thr classic editor, lol!

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  5. I have managed to learn to deal with the block format, and I am still sometimes just as frustrated as you are now. I will try to find some demos on YouTube. If I do, I will let you know. But please don’t stop posting. I would miss you.

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    1. Thank you, Tony 🙂 You and J. have already made me smile for being appreciated (and the feeling is mutual).
      I’ve updated my homepage with the block editor… It took me about 2 hours more than I wanted it to, but I *think* I might be able to find a way to work with it without constantly wanting to throw my laptop out of the window.

      Having said that, any useful tips you find are welcome!


  6. Ever since I started posting on WordPress, I have composed and edited my writing on Word, then copied and pasted it onto the WordPress “new post” page. That procedure seems to have survived the block editor problems that so many bloggers describe.
    If that doesn’t work for you, I hope something else does. I always love hearing from you, and I also appreciate your thoughtful and encouraging comments on my posts. J.

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    1. Thanks, J.! Does that method work for images as well? I’m currently wrestling with a new way of showing my quotes. I’ve even made it work *somehow* in the block editor, but what’s really messing me up is the fact I can’t resize my image. Try as I might, it just won’t show up bigger that the cropped size -_-

      It’s worth a try, though. Word you say. Hmhm.

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      1. I’m sure you’ve noticed that my posts are almost always entirely text–only occasionally do I try to include an image, and when I’ve done so it’s been a struggle. Maybe someone else will have some advice about images and quotes. J.

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        1. I have tried it. I think with images I’ll have to surrender, but in the worst case I can make them up in Word and take a screenshot.


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