Letters to Life

Letters to Life (66)

Dear Life,

It’s been a while. I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting, but I’m here now.

Who am I kidding? I know I cannot fool you, Life! But even if those words aren’t mine, they seem appropriate to open this long overdue letter.

Plans, Life. Plans!

Let’s talk about them.

How come I have tons of them, but hardly ever one seems to lead to accomplishment?

Is this the reason why my head is full? That I experience problems falling asleep?

Are they the reason I wake up at 5:19 am every morning?

Is my insomnia better at realising plans than my conscious self?!

If only it was up to my head, Life, you’d look completely different for me.

Although I wonder if that’s a good thing…

Plans are nothing, planning is everything

Dwight D. Eisenhower

For instance, take the Dutch weather lately, (which has been exactly what we always complain about: cold and wet).

I have never used my winter jacket for as long as I have this year, and the weather’s only picked up since a day or two…

What I mean is: if us humans, or at the very least us Dutchies, could plan the weather, we’d never see another droplet of rain. Our farm fields would go to waste, all the water we’re so proud of conquering would dry up and we’d be even more miserable than we imagine we are right now.

You poorly combine with making plans, Life. Because you always seem to give me something else to deal with first, before doing what I feel I must to accomplish what I want.

Be it frustration or surprise, perhaps it’s not all that bad when you don’t give me what I want.

Because in the end, you always give me what I need. And that is, albeit unplanned, more valuable.

So thank you.

For being mine the way you are.

The origin of the opening words:

How do you go about planning your life? Does it work for you? Let me know in a comment ↓

2 thoughts on “Letters to Life (66)”

  1. It’s always good to hear from you, even when the questions outnumber the answers. Because isn’t that the way it usually is for all of us?
    Your comments about weather remind me of a young pastor I knew years ago. He was just getting started at a congregation out in the country, and he had heard a couple of the farmers in the congregation say that they could use a good rain, so on Sunday morning in the prayers of the Church, he asked God to send rain. Right after the service, three other farmers took him aside, told him that they were cutting hay, that rain would be the worst thing for them, that they hoped he wouldn’t pray for rain again for a while. So the next Sunday he prayed for sunny days. But some other farmers took him aside after the service and said that if it didn’t rain soon, they could lose their crops out in the field. So the Sunday after that, and all the Sundays after that, he prayed that God would send the appropriate weather, rain and sun in due season, according to God’s own wisdom. No one every complained about that prayer. J.

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    1. Where would we be without questions? Would that mean we live a perfect life or that we’ve stopped learning?

      That story is priceless, J! I can picture exactly how that happened 🤭

      Liked by 1 person

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