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About High Teas And High Times

From now on, I’m going to post once a week (I’ve got WordPress added to my action list!). About my life, because that’s how this blog started: as a diary. By going back to the basics, I’m hoping to learn more about myself – and the world I live in.

Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true!

• Aesop •

Last week I visited a museum with my middle sister. There was an exposition from Dalí, which I looked forward to, and of Eva Jospin’s work, which I knew nothing of.

Me and my sister concluded that Dalí must have had a very… dark childhood.

There were none of his famous paintings, but tons of his early drawings. You could tell it was Dalí’s, but honestly… I didn’t get them.

Hopelessly staring at drawings that didn’t tell me a story, I started to feel I am simply too stupid for art.

But then we turned a corner and there it was!

Eva Jospin’s Paper Tales:

Learn more about Eva Jospin’s art here.

As you probably know from a previous post of mine (About Manifesting And More), I am interested in and experimenting with the Law of Attraction and something that is called manifesting: ask the Universe for something, and it will provide (in a nutshell).

To help me build my trust in the Universe, I’ve bought a book by Pam Grout: E2 (or E-Squared).

It provides 9 easy-to-perform experiments that are supposed to prove to me that manifesting is real.

Experiment 1 was to ask for a blessing.

Anyone who knows me longer than today, knows I am very critical.

I mean, when I ask for proof, I ask for PROOF.

I gave the Universe 48 hours to send me a blessing, then was hesitant to count my luck.

Within 48 hours I received:

  • A panda book (I’m crazy about pandas, remember?)
  • A new vacuum at work, one that actually makes my job easier!
  • A compliment on my new glasses
  • A long lost and already forgotten pen I found

But I finally relented and accepted all as a blessing, when my cousins came over for a visit and brought…

Strawberries! ❤

There was no denying the blessing there!

“Be careful what you wish for ’cause you just might get it”

In addition to Pam’s ready-to-use experiments, I’ve been conducting my own by asking the Universe for different things.

One thing I asked for to happen this month, was to receive an invite to something.

Today, my middle sister asked me along on a high tea.

Only after my eldest sister did the same thing a few days ago.

So you see: it’s all about high teas for me right now.

And high time, too.

That I learn to trust the Universe more. And myself.

Because after almost 34 years of believing I was the black sheep of the family, the one nobody took seriously, I now have a feeling I might actually be the opposite.

I am the one person people confide in, run to and…

Take out to high teas 😉

And that was my week.

How was yours?

PS: Oh right, I forgot! I have glasses now:

PS 2: Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest if you aren’t already! 🙂

10 thoughts on “About High Teas And High Times”

  1. Enjoy those glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about ten years old. I only take them off to shower (or to wash my face) and when I go to bed. I don’t think the people who know me would recognize me without my glasses. Of course, without my glasses, I would have no chance of recognizing them either. J.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I needed some getting used to my spectacles, to be honest. I already had some, but they were for driving and reading subtitles only. My eyes have gotten a little worse over the past 7 years, and I’ve notices how my right eye especially doesn’t like it when I don’t wear my new glasses.
      I do see the World in a whole new light now, lol. Or at least I constantly joke I now perceive the World through pink glasses, which is a Dutch saying we use when someone’s in love and they only see the good in the other.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The American version of pink glasses is “rose-colored glasses.” I cannot imagine seeing the world without glasses. I know that they advertise surgery that would make it possible, but wearing glasses is such an easy and affordable fix. J.

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  2. I am a black sheep myself. It is nice to be included in stuff. I am blogging less these days but I still try to do a post a day if I can. Blogging once a week is good but also allow for the bonus post every once in and a while to keep people engaged. Keep on blogging my friend. Oh, nice specs BTW.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Tony! I blog a lot for my business, and I want to blog private as well, but it takes up time as I struggle with the Block Builder as well (we’re still not very good friends). And to take some pressure off, I am aiming for at least once a week atm 🙂
      Also for following up on everyone else. I am now deliberately sitting myself down and going through my reader 😀


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