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About Being Social On Media: To Link Or Not To Link, That’s The Question

Meeko’s eye is slowly improving, but he keeps it glued shut the moment I take him out his cage. He’s also gone from gnarling and grinding his teeth at me to desperately escaping my grasp and letting our panicked shrieks. He knows I am a sucker for sad, high-pitched squeaking… But I am relentless and as determined as ever to fix his tear duct!

If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be

• Maya Angelou •

I am not sure what caused my weakness: was it the wine, the exhaustion, the low blood pressure, the momentary self-doubt or a combination?

Whatever it was, I did something stupid. I did something I never imagined I’d do.

I looked up my old friends on social media.

The ones who made me feel small all the time, only so they could feel bigger.

The ones who made me believe being different is wrong, only so they could feel happier with their boring “normal” lives.

The ones who taught me it’s okay to say goodbye to people who no longer fit in your life, for whatever reason.

Because some friendships just don’t last forever – thankfully!

For some reason, though, last Friday I couldn’t resist any more and I had to know: how many kids do they have already?

(I always imagined one of them turned total b*tch due to pregnancy malfunction and the other one would finally experience not everything in life is as easy as you’d like it to be – time to find out if I was right!).

Of course, having blocked them on Facebook was no help, so I turned to that other platform I use: LinkedIn.

(Through an anonymous window, of course – I am not that stupid! LinkedIn tracks everything and everyone, don’t want them to know I’ve been snooping around).

Of course, useless information was my part and I laughed at myself. Then I clicked on my own profile and…

On a sort-of-random note: I’ve heard this song on the radio a couple of times. Brought back memories of my 90’s youth – and I still love her voice! The title seems appropriate for my misdemeanour-ish LinkedIn excursion, too 😉

I realised the last time I logged onto LinkedIn was… several months ago. I think.

And the last time I’ve used it for anything productive was…


Literally never.

Be it the wine, the exhaustion, the low blood pressure, the momentary self-doubt or a combination of it all, but I suddenly couldn’t find a decent answer to the question: why am I on LinkedIn?

I am not a fan of social media in general. It tends to give me headaches. For instance, every five minutes I spend on Facebook, I feel myself getting stupider.

All those advertisements in between news updates make me frustrated and yawn a lot, as they’re all the same. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen all.

January 1st, 2022 I will be Facebook-less. I have yet to check and/or back-up all my photo’s, but then it’s bye bye Mark Zuckerberg – FINALLY!

Why not go a little further and wave goodbye to LinkedIn as well?

I am really starting to feel happy about this idea… I’ve never been approached by a recruiter or have found a way to gain clients through LinkedIn – I don’t spend enough time on the platform to really make it work for me.

And I am too disinterested to try.

What about you? Are you on LinkedIn? Why (not)?

Please let me know how you feel about LinkedIn (as Facebook already lost this battle for me) and help me decide whether to stay or leave 🙂

Hope your week was great ❤

18 thoughts on “About Being Social On Media: To Link Or Not To Link, That’s The Question”

  1. I’m with you on social media. I tried using Instagram seeing how most of my teenage peers are on it, and I feel so exhausted. I only use it to read updates from some organisations I follow, might as well put the account to use😂
    I think you’ve made a good decision! If you don’t need it, there’s no reason to keep it – decluttering is almost always a good thing!

    I don’t use LinkedIn but I think I probably will in the future for internships and the like.

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    1. The decluttering part feels great indeed! And I can honestly say I don’t miss LinkedIn at all, and I’ve been off it for a few weeks now. No regrets thus far!

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  2. Social Media f*cks up your social life. Facebook, LinkedIn, it’s a same thing with a different name. Just be social in real with real people, with reality. That’s what feels right.
    I’ve never been to LinkedIn, though I’ve been once. Lol! I tried to find jobs via LinkedIn which turned out terrible! Lol….
    Since then, I never looked back. I’m on Facebook though. I just started using it a couple weeks ago. It’s just for the sake of my blog. I’m not a big fan of letting Zukerberg steal my data and sell it to other companies. I need people to connect with, to build a community for my blog!
    One platform you could try out is “Lyf”. It’s a pretty good network. There are no ads in it thankfully, it’s free, it’s not overwhelming because the community is very small. And you can be completely anonymous while posting something, and people will still like to interact with you, even though they don’t know who they’re talking to. It’s mainly for the people who struggle with mental health. So there are only those who have issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia, and so on…..
    It’s a unique thing to try. You can try that! 🙂

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  3. They all suck. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other platform; they all suck! January 1 sounds like a good time to shut them all down. None of them do anything productive for me.

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    1. I am still torn. Do you use LinkedIn yourself, Tony? If so, how? I am confused about the whole networking and finding a job through social media.


  4. I have ignored countless invitations to join LinkedIn. Your experience confirms me confidence in that decision. I waste too much time on FaceBook. I have conservative friends and liberal friends, and I just scroll through the things they post and shake my head. I’ve long since stopped trying to talk with either side. Moreover, I signed a document at work that gave them permission to fire me if I put something on social media that clashes with the “culture” of my workplace. Fortunately for me, they don’t know my WordPress identity. J.

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    1. Funny, your reply confirms my feelings about LinkedIn. People made me believe it’s a “must have” in order to build a career, but I remain sceptical since I never use it 🤷‍♀️
      Did you know Facebook uses the same system casino’s do? The moment you want to quit is when they throw something at you: a small win or a really interesting piece of news…


  5. I gave up FB last New Year’s Eve. I haven’t regretted my decision at all. I’ve had 2 LinkedIns, and neither time showed me the point of it all. I thought it was supposed to help me network and get a job?

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  6. I, too, have more of a hate relationship with social media. I usually refer to myself as an OG IG’er as I had built a successful following, business and brand that landed me some high paying clients before covid shut me down for good. Magazines like mine, are definitely a dying medium, unfortunately. But those days were spent genuinely connecting with others instead of being “an influencer”. And I’m just so OVER all the fake-ness. FB gives me anxiety and I find myself getting really irritated at the people who complain about such small insignificant things and think “they have NO idea what real struggle or exhaustion looks like.” And then I feel like an a-hole for being judgmental based on comparison of my real life with whatever they have chosen to share on their social page. Sigh. It’s not good for my mental health, but my kiddos school district insists on updating via social media first, before calls and emails so alas, I am stuck on FB and have had to really learn how to forget about it in between needing to sign in. As far as all the other platforms, I decided to not be a creator for awhile on social. And focus on my blog and Pinterest for this next year. And I feel better already!

    I also really connected with you when you talked about past relationships and the people who were put in our path for a reason, at the time, and was meant to only be temporary. I actually looked someone up who gave me a lot of the same feelings as your look-up did. She made me feel small and never good enough. She used me for about a dozen reasons and when I no longer served her needs she threw me away like a gum wrapper into the trash. For the longest time I was still thankful for her for what I thought was selflessness that first year I walked through my life motherless. But then I found out the real reasons she did the things she did. And they had nothing to do with me and were all about her. And I still looked her up the other day 🤦🏼‍♀️.

    So essentially my ramble and over sharing is me saying that you aren’t alone and that I’m over here if you ever need someone to chat with! So happy that we connected ♥️

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    1. I think we might have more in common then we know. Apart from the kids, which I have none. But I feel recognition in a lot of what you write, as well. WordPress as a social media channel has got to be my favourite! 😁 I’ve come across the kindest, nicest, earnest people that many other platforms lack.
      Btw, where can I find you on Pinterest? 😁😇

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        1. Ouch, my SPAM filter disagreed on your Pinterest link (I don’t, though). Thanks for sharing your like, expect a follow from me soon 😉
          And you are very welcome to cyberstalk my blog. I am happy to hear you like it! Wish I had enough time to do some stalking on my own, but I fear you’ll see me around regularly anyway 😉


    2. Girl, you point out an important fact — which is, try as one might, facebook finds us, whether its because we go to it or because work & whatnot get us on it. Samantha, I go on LinkedIn just for… I dunno what lol. I try to cover my social media bases to distribute my blog posts & to find people who might be interested in my books when they come out. other than that, I’m not much interested in people’s latest meals & pedicures…

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