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14 thoughts on “About the Blog”

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I feel so out of place a lot of times, because I don’t always follow someone else’s footsteps. But I believe we’re all unique and talented and we should be free to become who we want to be.

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    1. Wonk: swot; grind; nerd; dweeb; learner; scholar; assimilator; a student who spends much time learning and has little or no social life; a stupid, boring or unattractive person; a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner; a self-made “expert”; a person who knows a lot about the details of a particular field (such as politics) and often talks a lot about that subject; an expert in a field, typically someone who is fairly young and very intelligent.

      Take your pick 😉 Although if you want to use it to describe me, I’d go for a nice one (like the last – just saying).


  1. Seeing the notice “Tell me what you think” I must confess sometimes I can speak double Dutch and much too often in recent times I come to forget the words in one or the other language and have to admit that Dutch is not an easy language at all. It also sounds so hard and is so incredible difficult to place in in a good melody. (I was pleased the opera’s and musicals we presented in Belgium, Holland and Germany we mostly song in the original language, but sometimes this included also a Dutch piece of music, German was not to bad).

    Hier ook zijn er echt niet bepaald Nederlandse artikelen, of toch? Met het Nederlands blijkt men toch niet veel lezers te bereiken en vele Nederlandstaligen gaan daar maar over naar het Engels. Is dat geen tekortkoming aan jullie taal?

    Als Europeaan zou ik natuurlijk kunnen opkomen voor een Europese taal, maar Esperanto blijkt het ook niet te halen om een algemene linkende taal te kunnen zijn. Spaans moet ook het onderspit delven voor het in deze contreien veel populairdere Engels.
    Ook al mag de uitdrukking zijn “Met alle Chinezen maar niet met den dezen.” is het Mandarijns aan populariteit aan het winnen.

    Food for thought.

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    1. Sorry, my phone app won’t allow me to scroll down long messages and that’s why I wasn’t able to approve this comment sooner (boo phone!). Your Dutch is very nice, kudos to you! And you are very right: it’s (apparently) one of the most difficult languages to learn. And why should anyone, really? Let’s face it, where do they speak Dutch? Exactly, only a few countries and small parts of other countries. English is much handier to know.

      And the main reason why I blog in English is not necessarily to reach a broader public, but actually because I want to keep practising English. Reading it is one thing, but writing requires a different approach 🙂

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  2. Samantha, I have two blogs that began in 2011 and would be happy to have you visit. My non-sports, lifestyle blog (more closely resembling yours) is lifeattitudes.wordpress.com with another, all-sports blog at sportsattitudes.wordpress.com. Love your blog and look forward to reading future posts!

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