Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas 2018! And although I am worse than The Grinch around this “special time of the year”, I do want to take this opportunity to wish everyone:

Make today, and all other days, count, shake some stress off, take time to be with your loved ones and to cherish your best moments here on this planet.

Happy Holidays to you all! 😀



Rest In Pieces, For I Shall RIP You Apart (Pun Intended)

Meet my phone. Or should I say: my most recently deceased phone?

All I wanted to do was set an alarm for when to take my medicine and then send a message to my sister. She and my parents have made some arrangements for this Saturday and they have asked me to tag along, but I can’t. In addition, my parents, who are house-sitting my other sister’s home (and cats. And guinea pigs), need some extra stuff. Like their summer jackets. Because everyone surely needs their jackets in this freaking heat wave!

But okay, whatever they want. I’ve learned to just roll with it. It’s too much hassle to oppose them, plus it’s too hot for that anyway.

My sister (the first one from this story – the one who never received my text message) is to pick up the requested items from my place and bring them with her when she visits my parents.

The reason why I can’t come along is because I have a hot stone massage planned for this Saturday. I know. It’s a heat wave. We do crazy things, it must run in the family!

I have to leave the house around 1pm, so if my sister is late I can’t let her in to have her pick up the stuff my parents requested for their one week holiday at my other sister’s house who’s currently roaming another part of the world and this sentence just seems to keep going on and on and on doesn’t it when does it stop I am too hot so it must be right now.

Bottom line of the story: my sister, who I was trying to text message, is a bit of a talker on the phone. So in order not to be on the phone all evening (my mother called and she’s a talker, too. See my problem? Me, I don’t talk. I write), I decided to send that sister a message.

My phone then decided it was time to pass away. For real. Like, it’s been playing up for a while now, the signs were there. Maybe it finally got too hot. Maybe the sudden outburst of thunder outside scared it to death. Maybe my reaction to the sudden outburst of thunder outside did (YESSSSS, FINALLY!!). Maybe it picked up on my brilliant idea of “buying a dual simcard smart phone when this one dies, so I have a separate phone number for my business.” Maybe it just doesn’t like my sister (it’s the crazy one – hadn’t I mentioned that?).

Whatever the reason, it’s gone. My phone died. RIP phone.

And to make matters worse, I found its old warranty receipt. My phone had the very ill humour of dying almost exactly one month after the warranty wore off!!

Go figure.

I have my phone in pieces now. I hoped jotting the battery out and plopping it back in would help. It didn’t.

Now I feel like it doesn’t deserve to be put back together again, so I’m just going to leave it like this.

And then tomorrow, when, hopefully, my new phone arrives, it’ll be faster for me to gather the pieces I need and create a new walking talk-item with.

Or, you know, a walking write-text-messages-and-time-your-medicine-doses-with-because-you-hardly-ever-really-use-it-properly-but-oh-dear-do-you-miss-it-when-it’s-dead-item.

I hope your weekends are starting off better than mine!


A Little Bit Of Everything (But Actually Nothing At All)

Me: “I feel like I am going mad!!”

Her: “That’s impossible.”

Me: “I know, right! This background works properly on my laptop, how come it’s not showing up here!?”

Her: “No, dear. What I meant is: you cannot possible go mad, as you are roaring mad already and have been so for ages.”


Me: “You might have a point.”

This random conversation will now be followed by a random screenshot I made when logging onto WordPress in order to fix my background issues (but I don’t feel like looking into that any more today, so… boohoo). It’s completely in Dutch, but seeing as it is Monday and I’ve just realised I’ve been roaring mad for ages, I’m not going to translate it. I think I’ll let the image and the 1 and the 0 speak for themselves:

If you haven’t figured it out: “jaar” means “year”. This roaring mad person, the one who thought it’d be a good idea to start up her own business and give her blog a makeover at the same time, managed to, subconsciously, recreate her beloved blog in her 10th year on WordPress.

10 years ago today, I created a WordPress account (that I actually started using like… 4 years ago). But still. You may congratulate me in the comments 😉

This about sums up my Monday: thinking I am going mad but finding out I’ve long crossed that bridge. So might as well lean back and enjoy it while it lasts.

Not so much for the following song; I woke up last night and needed a bathroom break, something I always hate because come on I want to sleep! And then it hit me! This song did. And it’s still in my head, goodness knows why.

Good luck replacing this one in your head with actual thoughts!

Have a good week everyone! Let’s all be a little mad this week, shall we? 🙂


Goodbye (aka You Are Not Weird For Loving A Pet That Small)

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my dear pet gerbil Jamie. He nearly made it to 3,5 years. He was adventurous (the only gerbil ever to climb my head!), incredibly stubborn and beyond gentle.

In the end, he was so sick he could nearly eat, drink, or do much else but breathe. So me and the vet made the decision to let him go.

I am sad, because this little fuzz ball was my buddy. But at the same time I am relieved he no longer has to suffer.

Jamie, I love you. I hope you’ve found Loki and you two are making Heaven a better place together.


About Tough Cookies And Husky Safaris

(I am still not up to my regular blogging rhythm. Or my regular reading-up-on-people schedule. Not sure why, but I keep trying :))

I hate teenagers. There, I said it. I hated them when I was a kid. I hate them now I am an adult. And I hated them when I was a teenager! Maybe that’s the most important reason, because as a teenager I was bullied extremely by my peers, so I suspect my dislike of puberty-driven youngsters is a result from my personal darkest ages.

Having said all that, I do not sit in my room contemplating revenge on every living teen. Nor do I grow mad, cursing every single one of them. Secretly I don’t hate teens that much, actually, but I do loathe groups of them. They all seem to know best and there’s always this invisible competition going on regarding who’s got the biggest mouth. And that, I hate.

So when I went out for a run yesterday and encountered more than one group of cycling teenagers (eeeeeeeeeehhhhh, the horror! Multiple teens on bikes!!), imagine my delight. And please note my sarcasm in case you hadn’t already.

By rule, I ran on the wrong side of the road because there was no pedestrian area and this way I could see cyclist coming my way (and they would see me). The trouble with groups of teenagers on bicycles is, however, they don’t care. They see you, but they just don’t care. Because the world clearly belongs to them and who cares about how sportive you’re being: you ought to get out of their precious ways!

Normally I would, but not this time.

Instead of trying to avoid them by jumping into the bushy roadside (and probably being laughed at while doing so), I squared my shoulders, lifted my chin and forced some of them to make room for me!

Dear Lord, this is such a victory! xD Especially because one snobby little teen girl felt the need to shout something at me, or rather at her friend (it was all very passive-aggressive, but it was definitely a snarky remark about moi), and I didn’t care! Whoop whoop!

Okay so I had my headphones on and I couldn’t really make out what she was saying, but still. Whoop whoop!

I am so not the person I was a year ago 🙂 Somehow I turned into a tough cookie!

I am also not the person I’ll be in three days, when I’ll be in FINLAND riding a HUSKY SLED!

That’s right, I am going on another adventure to fulfil another one of my dreams. I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve overcome the flu.

I. Am. Ready!

I hope those huskies are ready for me, too! ❤


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“Come on Sam, don’t keep us waiting!”