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Heart Warmer

Happy 2019 everyone!

I know I said that before, but this Heart Warmer is so, well, warm, it is sure to bring a happy glow into your life at this early stage of the new year.

The story: Ted Richardson, an (almost) 94 year old veteran, lost his beloved wife Florence years ago. And to this day, he visits her grave at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Honolulu) six times a week! He is often the first visitor there when the cemetery opens and has visited Florence’s grave over 1,300 times!

Ted says it was love at first sight and he’s never loved another woman. He and Florence spent 72 happy years together and he plans on keeping up his almost daily visits to her grave until he’s no longer able to do so.

And in case you were still doubting whether this is true love or not: Ted’s arranged for fresh flowers to be put on his beloved wife’s grave even after he himself has passed away.

Imagine having a partner like that, who even after Death takes care of you with the greatest tenderness anyone can possibly possess ❤

I hope you al have someone special like that in your life, be it a partner, a soul mate, a family member or a best friend. Maybe even a special pet. I hope you won’t have to go a day in your life being lonely ❤




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Heart Warmer

Play me a song, Mister Piano Man! ❤

Paul Barton: Musician, human, animal-lover.

Possibly saint.

Paul Barton took it upon himself to play the piano for elephants in a sanctuary in Thailand. Why? Because he feels the poor animals, who mostly ended up in the sanctuary after being rescued from torturous environments, deserve love and attention. They have, so Barton claims, worked so hard and endured so much, all he wants is to bring them peace.

The elephants seem to respond well to the pianist, according to one of their trainers/caregivers. In the image above you can see some of them gathered around Paul and his piano.

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi

If we were to judge a person by the way he treats animals, I’d say Paul Barton is a wonderful man! Therefore, he deserves to be this week’s Heart Warmer

I hope his kindness towards these gentle giants will bring a warm smile to your face. Have a good week, everyone!




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Heart Warmer

Luckily, there are good people everywhere, doing good deeds every day.

When a seemingly homeless man asked for a meal in a fancy restaurant in Brazil, for which he was determined to pay with a $50 note he had honestly earned, the owners wanted to give him the meal for free.

However, the man insisted he wanted to pay for what he had eaten; even if he didn’t have enough money, he refused to leave without paying for his food.

Eventually, the owners and the waiter that had served the homeless man came up with a “special offer” they were apparently – but not really – running that day: all meals for $10 only!

They had to tell this lie to the homeless man to make him accept the $40 change. In the end, the owners declared they simply wanted to help out a hard-working man who could use a little kindness.

Below is a snapshot one of the other visitors of the restaurant took of the homeless man and his waiter:

Whether the man was truly homeless or not remains unsolved. But I think this is a genuine act of kindness and it deserves the title of Heart Warmer.




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Heart Warmer

I am so happy that there are countless heart warming moments out there. Picking one feels both like a challenge and a blessing.

Here’s what I declare the Heart Warmer of this week:

Seven-year-old Jase recently wrote a letter to his daddy in heaven, who unfortunately died four years ago. He gave his letter to a mail-man, Sean, and this man deserves a gold medal!

Sean decided to write Jase a letter back. And before you even think it: no, not a supposed letter from the dead father… That would be tasteless. Instead, the mail-man sent Jase an official notification of delivery!

As it turns out, Jase and his sister Nieve send their deceased father a letter every year, yet Jase was wondering if they ever actually made it to heaven. Sean took the opportunity and the time to write Jase an official letter back, explaining the challenge they faced by having to avoid “stars and other galactic objects” in order to get the letter delivered.

Below is Jase’s letter:

Jase and Nieve’s mother, Teri, was deeply touched and grateful by this kind gesture.

If only we all had a mail-man like Sean ❤

Or a direct link to heaven 🙂




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Heart Warmer

Oof! This week’s Heart Warmer is a special one. How many of us can say they’d do the same? I know I wouldn’t, but mainly because I lack the means.

Hunter Shamat lost his wallet on a plane when flying over to his sister’s wedding. Inside the wallet he had several bank notes and a cheque adding up to $140. For him, this was a lot of money as he was/is still paying off his college debt.

Thinking he’d never see his wallet or his money again, Hunter was more than pleasantly surprised when he received the lost item in the mail!

And not only had the founder of his wallet sent it back to its rightful owner, he/she had also included a note saying they’d taken the liberty of adding $100 to the wallet to “round up the amount of money inside.”

Hunter ended up saying “Luckily, there are more good people in the World than bad ones.”

His mysterious and honest benefactor deserves to be the Heart Warmer if you ask me! Imagine being so generous to someone you’ve never even met ❤

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