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Is your heart becoming frosty again with the recent drop in temperature?

As for many things, please note the Netherlands is (in)famous for its acute changes in temperature: we can go from 38 Centigrade to 18 Centigrade within a single day, easily! Last week they told us it was the hottest November ever and today the weather report said “snow before the end of the week.”

So if you are like me and you’re finding yourself a bit grumped out over all these sudden changes (we are currently on a steep descend in temperature… very, very steep), you might also find yourself in need of a good Heart Warmer, too.

I honestly think I found a really good one! This heart warmer is sure to bring a smile to your face:

Last week, there was a collision on a high way in the Netherlands involving three cars. Two of the victims were a young mother and her 10 month old baby. The mother had some injuries (luckily nothing too severe) and had to go to hospital, but the baby was fine. Well, physically fine. The poor little bundle of joy was so upset and scared by what happened, he couldn’t stop crying.

A female police officer, who was first to arrive at the accident site, didn’t think twice: she immediately wrapped up the baby in a blanket and started rocking him like it was her own child. She kept him close as his mother was transported to the hospital, and searched for children’s videos on YouTube, because, as she claimed: “I have a child the same age who loves the Teletubbies. I thought they might soothe this baby boy, too.”

All the while, she stayed in contact with the baby’s mother, to make sure she was fine and let her know her son was fine, too.

Mother and son are doing well, now.

The policewoman later stated: “I am a police officer, but also a mother” and explained how her mother’s instincts simply took over.

This selfless act of love deserves to be the Heart Warmer of this week, don’t you think? ❤

Let this story warm you heart, bring you a smile, and inspire you to be the best person you can be.

At least until next week’s Heart Warmer 😉

If you want to read more about this extraordinary act of kindness, go here (website is in Dutch)
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Heart Warmer

As you’ve maybe read in this post, I spent all of last week feeling upset and angry. However, eventually I snapped out of it by going on a run and listening to some of my favourite music.

I know I’ve already used the Secret of Mana medley on my About Me page, so this time I’ll post the Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross medley from Symphonic Fantasies.

Before you ask: YES! This music is awesome to run on, since it makes me forget everything that’s bothering me and lets me focus on what I am doing at that moment. And with this music, the only thing I do is enjoy myself.

Even at the start of my 5k run.

So that’s why I want to share this amazing piece of musical art with you today, and I hope it will bring your heart as much joy as it does mine ❤

If you can’t view the videos on here, please go here (part one) and here (part two).
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Heart Warmer

Last Wednesday, I visited The Flood Museum in the Netherlands. Did you know that 26% of my country lies below sea-level? And that almost 60% of it would flood in case of, well, a flood or heavy rainfall?

Guess what happened in 1953… A hurricane at sea caused waves over 4.5 metres high to crash down on the lowest parts of the Netherlands. Countless dykes, which we have always been so proud and fond of, broke, giving way to the water.

This happened twice in 24 hours: once during the night and then again the next morning. Of course, the storm also created loads of rain. Result: thousands and thousands of casualties.

So far, not a lot of heart warming going on, right? Well, here’s the thing: walking through the museum, I first read a story of a marine officer who, in the late evening, was searching for survivors in a flooded town. He came across a horse who had gotten stuck, but the officer couldn’t help the animal for his boat was too small. He said his apologies and moved on.

Feeling bad for the animal, though, he went back to base camp, got a bigger boat and hours later managed to save the poor horse after all, despite being exhausted from searching and rescuing people for two days straight ❤

Now, if that didn’t warm your heart, here is something that surely will: after finishing the part of the museum that explained about the flood, I entered the section that covered the Big Build-Up that happened afterwards.

If ever I lost faith in humanity, seeing this huge poster with all the countries listed that helped mine out during that excruciating time really made me feel proud to be human. Not only were we sent food and clothing, but also a lot of volunteers, Jeeps, boats and even houses! So many strangers helping each other out… It left me speechless. In a good way.

So this week’s Heart Warmer is the list of countries who helped the Netherlands out after the flood in 1953. I see it as a symbol of just what extraordinary kind of actions we are capable of as humans. If only we put our minds (and hearts) to it!

And it happens again and again, as countries are struck by natural disasters or sometimes unnatural catastrophes. We bond together and help carry the burden. Because, I guess, that’s what humans do ❤




If you’d like to find out more about the 1953 North Sea Flood or the Flood Museum, go here (English).

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Heart Warmer

Have I got a heart warmer for you today! This one is so cute, beautiful and downright right that I had to share it with you all.

Meet Sphen and Magic, two male penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia who love each other dearly:

If you think this is cute, wait until you hear the rest: Sphen and Magic have been together for a while and are a doting couple.

Another couple, consisting of a male and a female penguin, recently became parents of not one but two eggs! Unfortunately, these penguins can only raise one chick at a time. As an experiment, but also because Sphen and Magic have created their own nest but obviously can’t conceive, their trainers gave them the second egg of the other couple.

And Sphen and Magic are doing great as parents!

Love is universal and comes in many forms. But no matter how it reveals itself, it is always beautiful and heart warming to see. So this one is for Sphen and Magic and their newborn baby ❤

You can read more about this same-sex penguin couple here.

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Heart Warmer

As I was watching the news a few days ago, one story in particular caught my attention: a young girl in Poland had gotten into a coma after a dreadful accident.

However, she had been moved to the Budzik Klinik, a clinic that specialises in comatose young children. The clinic’s “magic” lies in constantly giving their patients attention and stimulation, and their success rate for recovery (aka waking up) is enormous.

The girl in the story had also woken up after having been in a coma for 6 months!

This news, following a long list of reports about terrible events and happenings all around the globe, really made me smile. Therefore, even if the clinic has been around for a few years already, the Budzik Klinik in Poland is my Heart Warmer this week.

Check out the video below of one of the founders or visit their website at http://www.klinikabudzik.pl/en/klinika/alarm-clock-clinic.

Have a good and heart warming week, everyone! 🙂