Light a Candle

Light a Candle

There are many people in need of positive energy and love, so let’s help spread some by lighting another candle!

I’d like to light November’s candle for all the people, children especially, in Yemen who are starving. I know what they need is food and not my silly online candle, but the help organisations can’t get to them because of all the attacks that are happening on a regular basis. It’s impossible to get through and as a result many innocent people are now dying of hunger.

We live in 2018, people! How is it possible these things still happen? How is it possible I live in a country that throws away food when it’s past date and on the other side of the World children are dying from lack of nutrition?


I can’t send help in any other form but money, but I can send my love. It’s not much, but this candle is for all those poor souls out there, struggling to survive, and the ones we’ve already lost. ❤ ❤

In strong comparison to that sadness, I burn this candle for my niece, A., who’s just turned three. She really wants to be five, though, because she wants to be as big as her cousin and my nephew J.. A. is an adorable little bundle of too much energy, but luckily she received a toy vacuum cleaner so she can release some of her temper on toy-cleaning the house (which is an improvement, as she used to steal her mother’s vacuum – lol!).

Finally, I burn this candle for everyone who has Seasonal Affective Disorder and who, like me, is not taking the short days too well. We need a little extra light in this dark period of year, so here it is!

I hope you are all well! Let me know in the comments who you’ll burn this candle for 🙂




Who will you light November’s candle for?

Letters to Life

Light a Candle


It’s that magical day of the year again, where horror and scariness grab each other’s hands and roam the Earth. Well, most places on Earth, that is, as this holiday is nowhere as huge in the Netherlands as it is in other countries.

Still, this is the best holiday ever, because:


Yes! You read it right! Today, Halloween, is my birthday! And you hadn’t figured out yet why I am so twisted!? Muahaha >:)

Just kidding 😉 (or am I??)

I hope everyone has a great day today! 😀 And I’d like to share some of my birthday magic with you all, but especially with the following people. It is to them I dedicate this month’s candle:

My mother. I think she needs a lot more energy than she’s got nowadays, although I reckon it’s also her own fault for running around like a headless chicken on most days. She doesn’t know how to dose or balance her energy levels, leaving her exhausted on most nights.

My sister’s friend D.. This Monday, she started her third set of chemo therapy! I know this, because last Saturday she threw a Halloween Party and me and my parents got invited, too. I ended up talking to her for a while and I was surprised at how open she was about everything that had happened to her this year. I couldn’t do anything but give her a massive hug and just wish her the best. D.‘s got such a beautiful soul, she deserves all of our love and positive energy. So everyone, please help me to send loads her way!

And finally, let’s just get crazy, shall we? 😉 It IS Halloween, after all! As ghosts and demons walk among us today,  I burn this candle for everyone who’s ever hurt or deceived me, stabbed me in the back or thought they could get away with betraying me in some way. Everyone who strongly dislikes me or maybe even hates me or wishes the worst for me: this one is for you. Because if you can be as cruel as you have been to me, you must be in desperate need of some love and attention yourself. Bless your hearts, open them, and find positivity and love ❤

If you think this means I’ve (finally) forgiven you, then you are right 🙂

For everyone else out there: Happy Halloween to you! And happy birthday to me!

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?

Light a Candle

Light a Candle

Today, I burn this candle for my friend J., who’s turned a year older yesterday! Happy birthday again!

I also burn this candle for my client, the one who got such terrible news. I don’t want to elaborate on it, as it is very personal and I don’t want anyone she doesn’t know to know what’s going on. Let it suffice to say she needs all the positive energy, love and kindness she can get.

Finally, I burn this candle for the parents who lost their children during a traumatic and extremely tragic accident in the Netherlands, involving a special electronic bicycle to transport multiple children, a possible broken brake and a train. I’ll let your minds fill in the gaps, but if you feel any goosebumps and cold shivers: so do I every time I think of it. It made me cry, and I don’t even know any of the victims or their family.

My heart is with all of you and with this candle I send you lots of love, positivity and hopefully peace ❤

Who will you burn September’s candle for?

Letters to Life

Light a Candle

One small candle, such big meaning.

I would like to burn this month’s candle for my aunt D.. Or actually, for her daughter, D. My aunt recently phoned me (she never phones!) and was rambling. I couldn’t make any kind of spaghetti from it, but eventually I calmed her down by promising I’d call her daughter. Which I did. She told me my aunt has got Alzheimer’s and is rapidly slipping away mentally. Not a fun position to be in, but very difficult for my cousin as well as she is taking care of her mother all by herself. So this candle is for them.

I also light this one for my crazy sister T., who’s confided something to me she’s very anxious about. I hope things work out for her and I wish her all the strength, love and energy she needs to overcome her demons.

On a greater scale, I wanted to dedicate this candle to every survivor and victim of the forest fires in Greece. But then I saw on the news a few days ago there’s been forest fires in a lot more places, taking people’s lives everywhere. So, definitely not in ill humour, I burn this candle for everyone surviving or having found their end in the fires that have emerged in forests everywhere. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through and my heart and thoughts are with you.

Finally, this candle is for my deceased friend C. and her family. I recently had to buy a new phone and as I was installing it I noticed I lost all my old text messages. I had one saved from C. on my old phone… I couldn’t delete it, I wanted to savour it, but now it’s gone and I am upset about it.
On a brighter note, I keep hearing songs she loved on the radio, making me think about her a lot. And I am still in touch with her father, who even told me I am always welcome to visit him and his wife, as C. and I always called each other our “illegal sister”. So much, much love to C. in the afterlife!

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?
Light a Candle

Light a Candle

As this month is rolling to an end, it is time to light another candle for those who can use a little attention and positive energy.

For me, June’s candle is for a friend who’s seen her newborn grandson being taken into hospital for of an inflamation of his hands and fingers. Nearly a week old… He’s back home now, thank goodness, but he’s in my thoughts nevertheless.

I also burn this candle for all the refugees trying desperately to get into Europe and not being found welcome by… Well, basically any country. I can’t imagine being treated like that while stuck on a boat with hundreds of others, fleeing your home country in the hopes of making a better life somewhere else. Somewhere you’re, apparently, not even welcome. Life is too harsh sometimes.

Lastly, this candle is for all the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who were ripped apart by President Trump’s refugee policy. It’s tough enough to arrest people on the spot when they illegally cross your country’s borders, it’s an entirely different type of inhumanity to separate parents from their children to instill fear into their hearts, hoping they’ll never try to cross your borders again in the future. I hope they’ll all be reunited and safe eventually.

Who will you light this month’s candle for?