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Heart Warmer

Maybe you already know about this Heart Warmer, but stories of true friendships never cease to be amazing so I had to share this.

The Australian Poss and Molly found a true friend in each other. One was lonely because she had just lost her entire litter, the other had lost her mummy and was in desperate need of someone to take care of her.

That’s right: neither Molly nor Poss is human. The first is a beagle and the latter is a possum! Nevertheless, they seem inseparable:

The two adorable yet completely different creatures found love, support and friendship in each other! Since possums are nocturnal animals, Poss is usually asleep during the day, but her foster mummy is never too far out of sight. And at night, Molly’s owners often spot their beagle and its new best friend roaming around the property together.

Cute can’t get any more super than this!

Not convinced yet? Watch the following video:

(Video won’t load? Go here to watch it)

Wishing you all a heart warming week, with lots of time to spare with your friends ❤




If you want to read more about Poss and Molly’s story, please go here
Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

It’s been a while since I last posted a Heart Warmer, but trust me this one will make up for all the lost ones!

As Tim Curfman was taking his trash out on one of the most icy and slippery and snowy days in American history, his dog Midnight accompanied him. All of a sudden, Midnight started sniffing, perking up her ears, barking and eventually ran off. The dog behaved in a manner that was not like her normal self at all, according to Tim.

He followed his black Labrador and found her with his neighbour Noreen, an 87-year-old woman who had fallen into the snow, unable to get back up. Eventually, she’d spent over half an hour in the snow and if it hadn’t been for Midnight, she’d probably have died there!

Midnight called her owner to action and he went and got help from some other neighbours. Together, they managed to get Noreen out of her feeble position and back into the warmth and safety of her own home.

Us people have the tendency to feel superior to all other living things. But fact is that none of us could have smelled Noreen’s problems like Midnight did. If it wasn’t for this beautiful and alert dog, Noreen would not have made it out alive.

Plus, just look at that face! That in itself is pretty heart-warming, isn’t it? ❤




If you want to read more about this extraordinary animal and her selfless act of heroism, please go here
Status Update

A Quick And Sh*tty Status Update

Okay, so here I was, with a notebook nearly scribbled full with ideas, colour codes, image sizes, all ready to be used on Heart to Follow to create new content, introduce new sections and – hopefully – improve interaction with all of you.

Sadly, Life came in between. As usual.

Like it ever does anything else, right? 😉

So here is the deal: my pet gerbil Darwin is sick. You ought to know by now I am a huge animal lover and when there is something wrong with my pets I get upset and am known to nearly drown in worries.

Darwin has diarrhoea and a pretty bad case of it, too. Diarrhoea can be fatal for rodents and gerbils are no exception! Last Friday, I took my beloved furr-ball to the vet and since he refused to poop on her examination table as I had secretly expected he would, the doctor had little to go on but my sad stories. So, she sent me home, telling me to keep an eye on Darwin’s bowel movements for the weekend and if it hadn’t improved by Monday to bring back some gerbil-stool for her.

My poor little Darwin ❤

Monday came and Darwin’s situation had not improved. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still as happy as ever, it’s just that his diarrhoea hadn’t changed a bit. So off I went with some stool samples, neatly delivering them at the vet’s office. She said she’d take a look and get back to me ASAP.

ASAP was too slow for my likings and thus I phoned the vet myself (I mean, today Darwin’s hit a seven day diarrhoea streak! He’s losing weight and I am losing hope he’ll get better). Her assistant couldn’t tell me a lot, but promised to call me back ASAP.


In this case, though, ASAP was less than five minutes later. Turns out my vet had not forgotten about Darwin or his condition, as I was afraid she might, and had actually put his stool sample aside for 24 hours, drenched in some chemical substance, to test it for parasites.

Which is some sort of relief, but at the same time I am not less worried. Diarrhoea means loss of fluids and less nutritious intake. I see Darwin eating and drinking, but I know it is not enough to cover his losses.

So I hope the vet will ring me tomorrow to say she’s figured out what’s wrong with him and that she has a medicine ready for him.

Until then, this heart is drenched in sorrow.

And my stomach is cluttered with chocolate to cope with all of it 😉

Hope you (and your pets) are all doing well!

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (33)

“I love myself, for only then can I love others” – Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

You know, more than anyone else, how much I love animals. Especially my own two little furry friends.

You also know, Life, one of my biggest flaws is my inability to not visit the pet store whenever I am near it. And whenever I visit, not only do I always end up buying something for my darlings, I also have to make my way around the store, looking at all the pets they have for sale. Merely to conclude the cutest ones are at home.

Last Friday was my latest trip there, a visit that came to happen right after I finished with a client. She had given me an empty toilet roll, something for my gerbils to nibble on, and it was safely tucked away in my bag.

As I made my rounds through the store, I ended up near the gerbil cage. One of the gerbil ladies in there was energetically trying to chew her way through a piece of metal bars, the kind used for hamster cages. It was by lack of other gnawing material. My heart broke a little, because the sight of it was depressing and my buddies at home have all the cardboard they can wish for. It seemed unfair.

So I did the single most unthinkable thing, Life. I swear I could hear you laugh at me a little, but in a friendly way, as I made my way over to an employee and produced the empty toilet roll from my bag. I almost begged him to give it to the poor gerbil and I hope he did.

As being different comes, you handled me plenty, Life. But instead of feeling awkward like I usually do, I revelled in my craziness.

For as weird as it was, it was an act of love.




What do you love most about yourself?

Goodbye (aka You Are Not Weird For Loving A Pet That Small)

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my dear pet gerbil Jamie. He nearly made it to 3,5 years. He was adventurous (the only gerbil ever to climb my head!), incredibly stubborn and beyond gentle.

In the end, he was so sick he could nearly eat, drink, or do much else but breathe. So me and the vet made the decision to let him go.

I am sad, because this little fuzz ball was my buddy. But at the same time I am relieved he no longer has to suffer.

Jamie, I love you. I hope you’ve found Loki and you two are making Heaven a better place together.