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Thank you for visiting my little space on the Internet 🙂

I’ve used this blog for many things over the past years, but since 2020 I’ve been writing mostly about my encounters in life as I try to fix my health, run a successful business and find my own place in this World.

Since 2021 I got a bit lost, even strayed a little from this blog, but I am trying to compose myself in every way I can, and pick up exactly where I left off.

Or maybe a little further than where I left off.

Point is, I am making an effort to pick up blogging again, and in doing so, find out my purpose in life (or my passion) – and how to live by it.

I’m kind of tired of being lost, to be honest, and I have every intention of finding out where to go from here 🙂

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Feel free to roam around and leave a comment when you find the chance. It’s always nice to hear from kindred spirits. Especially in these times, what with quarantines and lockdowns and all.

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