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Thank you for visiting my little personal space on the Internet.

I’ve used this blog for many things such as personal rants and epiphanies, as well as lessons taught from life. Now, I’m ready to settle for an even more personal approach, as I’d like to share with you the way my mind works. And by works I mean wanders.

It’s all very nice and all, feeling I’m different from the rest of the people around me, but what exactly is it that makes me different? Let’s find out!

After having implemented several (grand) updates to Heart to Follow during the past years, I feel it’s time to give it one more gigantic go and just leave it in peace after that. My blog is currently under construction as more changes will be made in the upcoming days and weeks, but the reason behind it all (and the good news) is that I’ve found that flame, that passion for writing again.

So beware, I’ll be back before you know it!

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I hope to see you around more often soon!