Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Ain’t that the truth 😀

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday!


Earworm of the Week

Good Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a bright week to look forward to. I am sure this song in particular, which refuses to leave my head for some (I suspect sunny) reason, will help you achieve that.


What song keeps your head busy?

Letters to Life (28)

“I learn to be quiet. I will let my quiet mind listen and absorb all that surrounds me”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

I don’t like to complain, because I feel ungrateful when I do, but the weather is bothering me and I’ve not been myself lately.

Or rather: I have not been the person I think I am. The person I want to be.

At times I am capable of keeping my cool – a funny pun when you consider the hotness you’re still bestowing upon us, Life. I hear my thoughts before I spill them and  keep my mouth closed. Or I find replacements for the words I think hurtful.

There have been multiple occasions lately, Life, in which I deliberately chose not to get involved in an argument, therefore not making anything blow up out of proportion.

Something you and I both know I can be very good at.

Then there are my toes. There’s a (Dutch) saying about having long toes, meaning it’s easy for people to figuratively step on them and upset you. My toes have seemingly grown some centimetres over the last three weeks. I suspect it’s because they’ve been dragged along in flip-flops for countless days on end, a highly unusual event for them to happen.

People step on them again and again, setting off a ticking bomb inside me that usually makes my mouth explode in some unsettling way or other. I have zero patience and find it harder than ever to find my inner stillness when I most want to.

My head’s never completely silent, but if only my brains wouldn’t feel this sticky I’d be okay.

Perhaps I should buy a fan and superglue my mouth shut for the time being. And trim my toes back to their normal sizes.

It’s difficult being human, Life. Especially in hot weather.

So if you’ve got some rain bottled up somewhere, this is the time to share 😉




How’s the weather been affecting your mood lately?

Peace of Mind – Heart Two (of Two)

“When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting for you” – George Harrison

Last week, I talked about finding myself, after many years of searching, and finally being able to answer that one important question: “Who am I?”

This week, I want to talk about putting theory to practice. It’s all very well to know who you are, but how do you go about and show the new you to the World around you? How do you clarify that you, as a human being, are no longer the person people thought you were? And how do you prevent yourself from falling back into the deep dark depths of your past being?

How do you deal with negative feedback or responses?

First of all, change does not occur overnight. It takes time to grow into a form that fits you better than the one you had before. It’s not a matter of going to the shops and buying a new outfit: it’s an inner process. With the emphasis on process. You don’t wake up to be You 2.0.

What does happen overnight, is finding out you have changed. Lately, I often find myself doing something I never in a million years would have thought I’d do. Like going to the movies alone and enjoying myself. Go figure. If anybody had told me ten years ago I’d be that kind of person, I’d not have believed them. But here I am!

A few weeks ago I was on a run and got a phone call from an agent, trying to sign me up for a business contract with his energy label. I didn’t need or want one. And I told him precisely that. I was to the point, inexorable, and yet respectful.

When I hung up I felt so good about myself, I ended up running 6k instead of 5!

Showing people you’ve changed can be scary, but it is a necessary thing. For otherwise, they’ll continue to treat you the way they did before, and most likely you’ll end up reacting as you always had. Realising I was changing and acting accordingly cost me a few friendships. Mostly because I was done being the doormat, a role I’d played for too long. I got fed up with everyone assuming they could say whatever they wanted to me, treat me as they pleased, knowing I’d never fight back. So when I did, they left. Or I left.

In return, though, I found other friends who I feel more at ease with and more equal to.

How do you cope with personal change? It’s simple: you wallow in it. You are becoming the person you want to be, and knowing that that is the most important factor of the whole matter should make you stronger every time you think of it.

Visualise yourself as the person you want to be and act like him/her. Make clear for yourself the most important qualities you’ve got and put them to use. And, most importantly: have faith in yourself.

Because if you’ve got that, you are unbreakable!

Peace of Mind – Heart One appeared on July 5th

Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Why do we quote? Because sometimes someone else has already said it all.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone! And don’t forget to enjoy the sunshine, even if there doesn’t seem to be any 🙂

Earworm of the Week

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve used this song before, but it’s been stuck in my head ever since yesterday afternoon when I did my abs exercises with my iPod on shuffle.

This song is also on my Super Running List, a long playlist I created with songs I love and that are great to listen to while training. Maybe I should pull some more inspiration from this list in the future and help you put together your own mix of workout songs 😉

For now: I wish every single one of you a happy Monday and a good rest of the week! It’ll be weekend before you know it!

Weekend loohoooove!

Letters to Life (27)

“You don’t stare yourself blind on what you don’t have and appreciate what you DO have. This is how you enrich the quality of your life” – Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

I am a thinker. My head is always whirling with thoughts, and when I say always I mean all the time. Every second I am awake my brains seem to be in full operating mode!

It’s exhausting sometimes as I can’t control when to shut my train of thoughts off or when to indulge in it a bit more.

Life, I love the way my mind makes me see and realise things other people often miss and how it makes me creative beyond limits sometimes.

If I’ve got a problem I know it’s going to eat at me for a while, maybe even for a few days, but I also know that in the end I’ll find a solution to whatever is keeping my brains busy. This ability is what I most love about my mind. That, and my fantastic memory.

My head’s been especially heavy with thought lately, so much so that I’ve caught myself a few times being really off of it. Like, trying-to-find-a-staircase-in-a-client’s-toilet-while-I-know-it’s-at-the-other-end-of-the-hallway off of it.

I know it’s because I’m exhausted, and there are multiple reasons for that, such as hot-and-very-bothersome weather, being low on iron, and, obviously, my head being filled with thoughts. Anticipations, worries, creative impulses and much more are at my constant disposal, Life.

What I want is for my meditation sessions to help clear my head rather than make me fall asleep (and wake in distress for doing so). But I appreciate my brains for working their hardest to stay on top of everything.

I am confident, Life, that this is merely another problem I’ll fix eventually. Because maybe I don’t have enough peace and quiet right now, I have been blessed with a darn spectacular mind to cope with everything. And in the end, I couldn’t ask for more!

X, Samantha

What’s been keeping your mind busy, lately?