Letters to Life

Letters to Life (60)

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”Dolly Parton


Dear Life,

I once read that after 30 days of trying something new, it will become normal.

Today is day 49 of the Dutch quarantine.

Last Thursday, Life, you found me on a bench outside the local supermarket, waiting for my mother to return from a small errand. Sure, I could have gone in with her, but we’re only allowed into the store with a cart. And two carts for one bottle of milk seemed a bit too much. So I remained outside, in the sun, sitting on a bench more than the specified 1.5 metres away from the rest of the human world.

Meanwhile, a line of people started forming, all patiently waiting for a disinfected shopping cart to take into the supermarket. One girl was burdened with the task of cleaning the carts, one at a time, and handing them to the customers, one at a time. Even if it was taking a lot of time, nobody complained. People laughed. People talked. People were understanding.

I simply stared at the scene in front of me, Life, and felt sad. Despite people’s merriness in times like this, I couldn’t help but wonder what the world will look like post-corona. Maybe I am moving too fast in my thinking, but I know that nothing lasts forever, Life, and this too shall pass. Eventually.

Never one to like the ordinary, the first two weeks of quarantine I surprisingly found myself longing for “normal”. Now, with Quarantine Week 8 lurking around the corner, normal has changed. I’ve actually gotten used to the current state of affairs.

I hope that whatever you have in store for us, Life, us humans will carry it with pride like we do now. And that we’ll keep our merry spirits indefinitely.

Until the new normal will have, once again, been redefined.






I hope you are all in good health and spirits. Let’s all hope our current normal will quickly be followed by a better version ❤

14 thoughts on “Letters to Life (60)”

  1. Wow Ma’am the way you started the post and the addition of that girl in the post is just beautiful!! Corona, who says it bring bad, look we are updating!! 😄 Looking forward to read previous post of yours, 😅

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      1. Totally agree with you Ma’am, Bad things never come alone, good always follow it..😄 & as human we are habitual to discover new things.. Innovation and Creation is weapon of mankind!!😄

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  2. Every little word oozes out some wisdom. This too shall pass and that’s a wonderful way to look at corona and life in general.

    Contemplating on the entire episode is going to be a long term project but in short run we all have become more observant, careful, concerned and caring or have we truly?

    For this one time, anyone across the world is experiencing more or less similar feelings, emotions and situations. For once, we are all the same.

    Hope for a world that makes us feel comfortable and easy. Hoping for all the hopes be resolved soon.

    As you say, the spirits are going to be high and we humans will surprise ourselves always with our undiminished enthusiasm and determination.

    Cheers to you. And likewise good health and charm to you.

    Hello fellow Earthling ! 🙂

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    1. Sorry for my late reply, Bhanu. Sometimes I forget. Please don’t think I don’t care, I do – I just have a lot on my mind and my personal blog and everything surrounding it easily gets pushed to the back of my to do lists D: I am not proud of it, but at the moment it is so.

      Thank you for your kind words, and I am hoping with you for all that’s good today shall be good still when corona passes. And may it pass rather sooner than later (I’m getting bored of the quarantine, but even so I fully realise how lucky I am for being bored and not grieving over the loss of someone dear to me).

      Let’s try to keep our spirits high and get through this together. Like you said, it is the one thing that binds us all, on a global scale 🙂

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      1. No retribution ever my dear fellow Earthling. We all have things to do as long as we connect in one way or other, our humane thing will be alive.

        Keep safe and alert.

        For all the good times that are to come we must cherish our life in small ways.

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  3. HI, Samantha! Nice quote from Dolly. We certainly are in a new world – a constant learning experience. One wonders what we will be experiencing in the coming months as we unwind from the ‘stay-at-home’ orders. I think this learning experience will continue for more months than we expect. Live and learn.

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    1. Hear, hear. I am not sure what the future brings, but we’re not going back to how it was, I am sure of that. In 2-3 more weeks my country is going to see if maybe we can lift some of the measures… pffft. The days all blend into one. I had to calculate how many days we’ve been quarantined already. Seems like a lifetime ago we could go wherever and do as we pleased.

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