Letters to Life

Letters to Life (62)

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we can fear less”Marie Curie

Dear Life,

Every Friday we list all of our successes in my new coaching community.

This week, Life, I felt I had none to share.

As I struggle to make social media work in my favour, everything I do turns around to slap me in the face. It’s gotten to a point where Facebook is starting to feel eerily like my high school: no matter how hard I try to fit in, I simply don’t.

In high school I would try to copy “normal” others so they would like me (or at least leave me be), yet the results were a saddening divide in attention received: where they would be showered with positivity, I’d find myself a lonely 180 degrees away from that exposure.

Social media in general leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth and a headache to accompany my frustrations. I honestly don’t see the appeal of it, yet I realise I need it to grow a successful business.

As I shared my issues on my community’s page, several advises were given. All very well-meant, none very well-useful…

(If I state I hate social media, I think the worst thing to advise me is to “try Instagram.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think that’ll fix it)

Eventually, my business coach replied: “There are other marketing ways to explore which we’ll dig into soon. For now, take some time away from social media so as to not raise an aversion to it.”

That reminded me of something else, Life: my tendency to move too fast, skipping a few steps along the way.

Maybe I am different than most others, but if you taught me anything, Life, I know that when I do find my way, there’s no stopping me!

And that is my biggest success this week.





Let’s see if WordPress people are more eager to comment 😉 What were your successes this week? List them below ↓↓

28 thoughts on “Letters to Life (62)”

  1. I notice you were not seeking advice, but others success. Before one can succeed they must first plant the seed, then feed it what it needs. A return thought that passion without zeal is spending my wheels. It is a business, but being authentic is priceless. Bringing a thought from the basement of my mind to the inner-room was my success. Remember why I started off on the journey. Keep my passion, regardless of the results. Have a great day.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your success and a kind reminder that patience is key, as long as you work towards what you wish to achieve.

      I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend 😊

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  2. Relatable, dear Samantha. And it is also time consuming…so, I decide to focus on my website and WP. And something in my mind about how I can use YouTube. But that’s it. I think the right keywords, tags,etc. help more.
    Hope all is well (in general) and sending a big hug again!
    ps…and you know it…stick to your heart 😉

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  3. starting any business takes ongoing education & persistence. I much commend you on pursing your career, challenges & all. one bit of advice I was told with social media is to yes, try them out, but then to figure that unless we have money to hire people to do them for us, then to just stick with the few that resonate. ie if wordpress resonates with you, then just put your effort into that. for me, I used wp as my hub, then the other stuff as the spokes to my wheel. I’m looking for people who I think are into novels, not just pictures & a couple of words, so I do wp 1st, facebook 2nd, then just dabble in the rest. am eager to hear what works for you in the end

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  4. So relatable. I have kind of given up on social media for a while now. It’s pretty hard to crack, isn’t it? Some random posts work for no logical reason, while the really good and meaningful ones often get ignored…still, cannot do without them so have to figure them out eventually.

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    1. Maybe that’s the trick, Tony. Either way, I don’t feel welcome (yet) on any platform except for this one.
      Hope you have a great week, too!


  5. I’ve put myself on a pretty strict social media diet and well as a news media diet. Very little that is see on social media or the news media corresponds to my every day life. Good luck to you Samantha.

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    1. I’ve deleted all the apps from my phone and won’t look at anything during the weekend. I have to say it feels almost liberating 😅 So much time for other things!

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          1. You missed out on a lot of irritating and devisive posts designed to upset someone. My weekly unscientific poll shows that more and more people are reducing their Facebook time.

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  6. Social Media – my nemesis. I’m introverted so I’m not really looking for the ‘attention-seeking’ that (I think maybe?) most people get out of it. But unfortunately it is kind of necessary at this point in our societal development if one wants to build a ‘successful’ business/following (whatever that is and means).
    I do love WordPress because it’s more about encouraging others (something I love to do) and being encouraged.
    If you do figure it all out – by all means please share!

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    1. Good to know there are likeminded people out there. I mean, I KNOW I am not the only one who feels like this, but I tend to forget.

      First rule is to find one platform and figure that one out. So that is my goal this week: find a social media platform that I am willing to invest time and energy into.

      When I do find the secret for us introverts regarding a successful usage of social media for business purposes (or else) I’ll definitely share it 👍

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      1. I’ve been told the same thing – focus on one. But not sure which one that is… lol. My goal is to try Pinterest. We’ll see how that goes!

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        1. I have Pinterest since a few weeks. Tough to build a following (I always find that tough), but I kind of like the simplicity of posting images and saving other people’s pins. If you do try it, add me on Spijkers Coaching and I’ll follow you back 👍

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    1. Lol! I just don’t seem to like any of them so far… With the exception of WP, but somehow I feel it’s still more quiet and private than most other platforms. I know it’s just me, but… just not feeling it.

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  7. My participation on Facebook comes and goes, depending upon what is trending. The last few months I grew weary of the topics of isolation and masks and virus and political reactions to the same… so in May I started publishing old pictures from my family collection, and in June I’ve been posting old pictures from my job. Just something to change the conversation, while I scroll past all the Facebook posts that revisit topics that have already gotten old. J.

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    1. And no headaches? 😉
      I easily feel overwhelmed and overlooked. Social media and me are not a good match, although I enjoy WordPress a lot.


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