Writing Challenge

About My Top 3 Pet Peeves

“Peeves do not make very good pets”Bo Bennett

I once had an About Me listing the 11 weirdest facts of me as a form of introduction. However, I don’t recall all 11 as clearly. I’ll try to give you 3 original pet peeves, but forgive me if I accidentally repeat myself 😉

#3 – List Your Top 3 Pet Peeves:

From 3 to 1 (because I can!), here’s my top 3:

3. Bad spelling/grammar

So okay, nobody is perfect. And writing in a language second to your native one is a challenge, always. But I recall once researching language schools when I received a letter of one full of spelling errors. It was an official Dutch institute, yet their letter was filled to the brim with the most common mistakes made. You’re a language institute, you should be on top of languages at all time! It took me all the courage I could muster NOT to correct every error and send the letter back (I am a Scorpio, I take things heavy and hold grudges. Love me or leave me alone).

I also do not get Dutch “street language”. I just don’t. Must be a generation thing, because it’s used in many songs teenagers listen to nowadays. Or when people abbreviate words without any reason. How am I suppose to enjoy what you write me if you can’t even find the time to write it in the first place?

2. Spitting on the ground (or retching in general)

More than your average pet peeve, I’d say in terms of dating this would be my number one turn off. I get beyond icky when someone in the street searches their toes for the biggest, worst possible phlegm he/she can muster, then drops the aforementioned ginormous lump of spit somewhere random.

China was hell for me.

Well, obviously it wasn’t (pandas! <3), but it took some time before I was able to walk the streets of Chengdu without nausea rising within me. If you want me to leave quicker than you can spell emetophobia, you drop your spit somewhere near me and watch me flee in horror.

1. Liars

There’s car salesmen and there’s empty liars. The first will cheat you out of money and into a broken vehicle. The second will spin make belief around you like cotton candy: sticky, overly sweet, and afterwards you’re left washing the sugar stains off your hands, face, clothes, hair, teeth, and everywhere else you didn’t think it would hit you.

Car salesmen are bad, but can be avoided once you see through them. Hot air salesmen (as I call them) will try to make you believe something non-existent. Like, how amazing they are, for instance. Or how many college degrees they have. Or how big their head is (which usually is true, actually, but not because it’s filled with the intelligence they claim to own). Hot air salesmen will sell you whatever story they think will make you see them as The Most Amazing Person On The Planet, yet in the end you’re left with nothing but hot air. Not even a broken car to cry over; empty hands more like.

Also, a hot air salesman, when caught with a lie, will only hit you with more lies so as not to lose face. They’ll never own up to their stories being fake, rolling from one lie into another, much like how a snowball turns into an avalanche. They embody my number one pet peeve.





What is your biggest pet peeve? Let me know in the comments or take on this challenge yourself – let me know if you do! (You can find the original and full challenge here)

16 thoughts on “About My Top 3 Pet Peeves”

    1. Thank you, Eromonsele 🙂
      Ooh, I am with you on that one, too. I hate fake promises. It’s okay to fail or not be able to do what you said you’d do, but at least take responsibility for it.


  1. I hate spitting, too. Just swallow it or go to a restroom. I also heard from a friend who spent a year in China that the Chinese urinate on the side of the road. Had you seen this? It seems unnecessary and equally egregious as spitting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not seen that, thank goodness! I did hear of babies being dressed in a sort of onesie with a special opening for their butts, so that when out and they needed to poop, they could just do so in the streets. (Also did not see this myself).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I try to spit in a sink but if I am really congested and I am outside I will spit to try to relieve my breathing. I can understand spelling and grammar although I am not always good at punctuation. Hope you are having a good start to the week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, well, I guess there’s a good reason behind bad behaviour sometimes 😉 And I know I’m not perfect, I probably do stuff that makes other people icky without knowing it, too!
      Hope you’ll have a wonderful week, too, Tony.


  3. Cool! Three top peeves that are totally different categories: the first driven mostly by carelessness, the second by rudeness, and the third by deviousness. All three are avoidable behaviors, irritating (at least to you and to me), and harmful to the world in which we live. J.

    Liked by 1 person

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